Locksteps and Stonewalls

Tedros of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front has changed his mind for now. In lockstep, New Zealand have announced a reduction in Covid-19 restrictions. It seems those leading the charge are jittery and in retreat. Regrouping to try again? Lynda Wharton of the Health Forum New Zealand reflected on the return of an edited version of “freedom” … More Locksteps and Stonewalls

Covid-19 Vaccine Injury: The Platform Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

“New Zealanders’ lives are completely destroyed by these injections, by the mandates and by the gaslighting. Those with vaccine injury are broken. And they are abandoned. By our government and by our country“. Lynda Wharton, The Health Forum New Zealand Covid-19 Vaccine Injury in New Zealand Hosted by Rodney Hide, The Platform made history yesterday by giving … More Covid-19 Vaccine Injury: The Platform Gives a Voice to the Voiceless

Stories from New Zealand

Stephen Gee calls here for action from New Zealanders in support of Casey Hodgkinson, suffering with functional neurological disorder following a Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccination. Paula is the mother of Morgan, a 17yo girl with heart injury following Covid-19 mRNA experimental vaccine. She gave this interview to Liz Gunn in December 2021 about their experiences. … More Stories from New Zealand

A Second Opinion

An inordinate amount of information is available now, providing a broader view of the public health narrative and allowing for more than a “single source of truth”. None of this information enters the realm of Trusted News Initiative-controlled, pharmaceutical industry-paid-up mainstream media outlets. Yet they are valid, usually highly qualified perspectives which under normal circumstances … More A Second Opinion