Care in Conversation

The Health Forum NZ have a database with 550 deaths which in normal times would be properly investigated due to the temporal association with having received an experimental medical intervention. Instead, laws are being proposed to reduce the need for coroner investigations. Naturopath, health researcher and writer Lynda Wharton recently presented on the Health Forum NZ context at the World Council for Health. Her presentation is a profound description of the suffering so many New Zealanders are experiencing courtesy of extreme harm caused by a political and profit-based pandemic response.

Dr Helen Petousis-Harris advises the NZ government and receives sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry including Pfizer. She is not a medical doctor, therefore not bound by medical ethics. Her PhD thesis related to which muscle provides maximum vaccine uptake.

She has never responded to offers by New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science for an open debate on the issues of pandemic response which she advises on. Nor have any other NZ government spokespeople. So recently, General Practitioners Dr Matt Shelton and Dr Alison Goodwin worked out a way to be heard without actually holding a debate. They offer an intelligent, evidence based and rational rebuttal to Dr Petousis-Harris’ recent interview with Sean Plunket on The Platform.

With Offers to Debate Ignored, NZDSOS Reacts (With Eyerolls) to Interview With Government Vaccinologist

Canadian doctors Charles Hoffe MD, Stephen Malthouse MD and Chris Shaw PhD, held a conversation on CHD.TV about their Canadian tour, named Justice for the Vaccinated. Dr Hoffe gives a short presentation on a patient case study, and then looks at the data showing what damaging immune systems has done to the rates of Covid hospitalisations and ICU admissions.

The “vaccine” was touted as necessary to avoid overwhelming health services. It had the exact opposite impact. This is being seen across all countries with high vaccination rates and the issue is absent in those with low vaccine uptake.

They also speak with Dr William Makis, immunologist, radiologist, oncologist and nuclear medicine specialist who has been documenting and analysing the upsurge of dead Canadian doctors. He notes that the same upsurge is occurring across all mandated professions, specifically naming paramedics and nurses.

Young Hearts, Part 27: Information which scientists were warning about from the start is slowly coming to the surface as serious questions are finally being asked in Parliament.

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