The Great Freeset

The Great Freeset explains in two minutes, what is happening to our world right now.

If YOU or someone you love has been injured by a Covid injection (probably #pfizer) in #nz, this is an IMPORTANT MESSAGE for you.

The Health Forum NZ has joined with Aly Cook to create a massive file of vaccine injury or bereavement testimonials to add to the 25,000 person petition recently accepted by Parliament. The petition calls for a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the SAFETY AND EFFICACY of #covidvaccines in New Zealand.

Parliament has approved the submission of WRITTEN supporting documents….YOUR stories of injury and bereavement ALL YOUR STORIES WILL BE PUBLISHED ON THE PARLIAMENT WEBSITE.

Never again will a New Zealand MP be able to feign innocence as to the degree of harm endured by thousands of Kiwi’s at the hands of #pfizer.

We can’t do this without YOU.

Please listen to my interview with Rodney Hide for more details (see below).

Please send your story to: or

Lynda Wharton

Lynda spoke with Rodney Hide on Reality Check Radio on 11 May 2023.

Two minutes with Dr Jessica Rose at the European Parliament.

Two minutes with Dr Ryan Cole at the European Parliament.

Dr Meryl Nass and Dr Michael Palmer joined Professor Sucharit Bhakdi who presented on the genetic contamination found recently in Pfizer and Moderna vials by McKernan et al, a team of leading geneticists. This may be too technical for some, but if you can’t watch it all, at least hear the first five minutes and then from around 46 minutes, to understand the concerns that these credible scientists have. Also to learn what is being done to Professor Bhakdi for speaking against the powerful cartel doing this to us all.

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