Notes From A Tuk Tuk

Some of every day in Phnom Penh is spent in a tuk tuk with my colleagues.  A few regular drivers have become firm friends through shared amusement at each other’s little ways and our limited common language.  My fellow expatriates and I are currently holding a photographic competition, each of us preparing to show our … More Notes From A Tuk Tuk

Heart Strings 02

The congested, hot, overstocked and fascinating Phsar (Market) Tuol Tom Poung, or Russian Market as it’s known in English, takes up a full block of the Phnom Penh neighbourhood I live in.  From the top floor of my apartment building we can see the rooftops of the Russian Market – a patchwork of multi-coloured, rusty … More Heart Strings 02

A Rich Village Life

Poverty and hardship are very visible aspects to Cambodian life.  Yet, coming from a wealthy background as overseas travelers do, seeing skinny children or elderly people hunched over themselves, beat-up old modes of travel, overcrowded vehicles and banana leaf shacks on dusty old highways, we don’t necessarily equate these very interesting sights with a level … More A Rich Village Life