Pre-Pandemic Immunity

The Research Institute for Development in Marseille, France, published this pre-print on May 1. Pre-pandemic SARS-CoV-2 potential natural immunity among population of the Democratic Republic of Congo More than a year after the emergence of COVID-19, significant regional differences in terms of morbidity persist, showing lower incidence rates in sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania….. … More Pre-Pandemic Immunity

Public Health Fiasco

Whilst scenes such as these are now considered normal across the globe: Those of us fighting for proportionality and rationality based on evidence and data have been maligned and dismissed for more than a year. Noone more so than some of the world’s most accomplished Infectious Disease Epidemiologists. Some continue to speak out despite an … More Public Health Fiasco

Representing PANDA

Nick Hudson presented at a BizNews Investment conference last week, summarising events of the Covid-19 pandemic and evolution of the illogical and dishonest public health response. He speaks for half an hour, describing the history of the pandemic and how it has played out. Common sense and factual information over exaggeration and misrepresentation. He says … More Representing PANDA

So Hard to Watch

The UK are being dragged into a socio-economic crisis bigger than anything they have seen since World War 2, and for what reason? Mental health, food supply chains, unemployment, a widening wealth divide, health care access crisis, and so many other seemingly insurmountable issues are crashing down simultaneously on this nation. Some of the reasons … More So Hard to Watch

Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings

It seems I’m listening to many courageous people who receive no air time on mainstream media and are therefore considered charlatans and/or conspiracists. Their varied roles include advisors to big pharmaceutical companies, medical consultants with national health services, senior pathologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists, sociologists, psychologists, geneticists, mathematicians, researchers and professors at top universities in a … More Four Germans Sitting in a Room, Then The Telephone Rings