The Point of Propaganda

In 1963 Stanley Milgram concluded that a voice of authority could override human conscience in 67% of people from all walks of life. Only 33% maintain their faculties and follow what is right despite instruction otherwise. This phenomenon of mind control and population control techniques, and the destructive impact they have resulted in over the past 18+ months, is articulated well by Robert F Kennedy Jr, speaking here with Patrick Gentempo.

This short series of interviews with authentic public health experts, the Scientific Advisory Board of Collateral Global, outlines the enormous harms caused by lockdowns.

It’s very easy to construct an argument on either side, by cherry picking bits of the evidence base. I can take some poor quality evidence, I can take an outcome, and I can spin it in a way. What we will do, is take a single question and look at the totality of the evidence, synthesise that, explain the uncertainties, and explain the impact.” ~ Professor Carl Henegan

By comparison, when you have serious conflicts of interest in power and financial benefit, with a single intervention being imposed aggressively by multi billion dollar concerns, then grand scale “spinning” takes place.

Propaganda maintains confusion, fear and compliance. I once thought those of us who have only known democracy until the past two years, would never fall prey to this. But here we are.

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