Scientific Sense, Political Confusion

A Movie By Dr Michael Yeadon

It’s only half an hour long and Dr Yeadon speaks clearly in lay terms about Covid-19 immunity. Despite the fact that he is a research scientist describing himself as a “deeply experienced immunology, pulmonology type of research person”, it does not seem especially difficult to follow what he says. It feels like maybe he’s found himself some communication consultants given the filming/visuals/sound etc?

Nothing he says is scarey, instead it seems highly reassuring, quite the opposite of what we are being told to feel by most media outlets. Nothing he says is untrue, confirming things I learned during and since studying a Master of Public Health and Tropical Medicine 20 years ago. Yet this video has to be viewed at a Facebook link because YouTube removed him, citing their “Covid-19 medical misinformation policy”. There is no medical misinformation here at all. However he does criticise the UK government’s leading pandemic advisory body, SAGE.

Days ago a Portuguese Court ruled the Covid-19 PCR tests unreliable and deemed forced quarantine of healthy contacts as unlawful. It’s very difficult to find any information about this in English media outlets. Three hours ago this link at Global Research published a brief mention.

Yesterday an interesting paper was released prior to peer review and publication, by a group of viral geneticists in Australia and USA. Their genetic analyses show exposure to Coronavirus strains between 5,000 and 25,000 years ago in East Asia, which likely contributes to the growing body of knowledge about why populations across parts of Asia are not impacted by this virus. An ancient coronavirus-like epidemic drove adaptation in East Asians from 25,000 to 5,000 years ago.

4 thoughts on “Scientific Sense, Political Confusion

  1. Problem for us non-medical and non-scientist folks is medicine is now so technical that important procedures are now incomprehensible. Like the new, threatened to be compulsory vaccine which common sense strongly suggests is unnecessary. If people are going to be forced to take this vaccine at the very least we should have total, honest clear information about what it is, and what the effects will be (not what the effects are guessed to be). I did not volunteer to be a vaccine test subject and I don’t want to become one forced by government dictatorship. More info on vaccines that laymen can understand is urgently needed.


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