Truths and Babbles

World Council for Health offer a range of resources discussing the science of Covid-19 and the inoculations being sold as “safe and effective vaccines” against this infection. One example of many is a presentation by Dr Stephanie Senef, Biologist and Senior Research Scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, on observed links between these inoculations and … More Truths and Babbles

Voodoo Tsunami

“There is no one place where you could go and find the definition for “variant”, for example. Or “isolate” or “strain”. I looked in several textbooks. In fact, not even my textbook, Principles of Virology, co-authored with four other Virologists. Not even there will you find a definition of these terms.” Professor Vincent RaccanielloProfessor of … More Voodoo Tsunami

A Move to Mexico

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, speaking for 1.5 minutes alongside his Health Secretary, Hugo Lopez-Gatell Ramirez. We need to be careful because, as it’s obvious, pharmaceutical companies wish to make a profit. And would like to keep always selling vaccines for everyone. But we need to prioritise; we need to know if … More A Move to Mexico

Question Everything

Lockdowns: Is now the time for a better solution? A live broadcast with a range of leading independent experts being held in London on 17 July 2021 at 9am GMT will provide a critical analysis of the pandemic response. A most informative documentary on the influence of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in public … More Question Everything

A Pro-Vaccine Voice

To be pro-vaccine means appreciating a scientific intervention which has saved many lives in the past 200 years. It also means acknowledging complexities, being open to asking questions, exploring evidence and considering possible bias. Questioning, exploring and reviewing evidence is how public health works. Vaccination programs always review epidemiological factors, such as which risk groups … More A Pro-Vaccine Voice

A Veneer of Medical Legitemacy

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav gave a ball-of-fire testimony to the Corona Ausschuss a couple of days ago, in English. Today’s public health establishment are working under political forces in a climate of extortionate profits and power. Whilst 150 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty America’s billionairres alone in the past year increased their … More A Veneer of Medical Legitemacy

An Epidemic of Panic

A global epidemic is currently rocking humanity’s sanity.  Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, shortened to SARS-CoV-2, is the official name for the virus that causes the disease known as Covid19.  The virus is genetically related to two previous Coronavirus outbreaks. SARS first caused global panic in 2003.  That outbreak lasted from November 2002 until July … More An Epidemic of Panic