Truths and Babbles

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science argue against injecting children with Covid-19 inoculations.
New Zealand’s Voices for Freedom have resources for parents to consider.

World Council for Health offer a range of resources discussing the science of Covid-19 and the inoculations being sold as “safe and effective vaccines” against this infection. One example of many is a presentation by Dr Stephanie Senef, Biologist and Senior Research Scientist at Massachussetts Institute of Technology, on observed links between these inoculations and neurodegenerative disease and other neurological disorders. “There’s a huge number of reports of headache and migraine headache. Huge numbers. And I think that’s because the spike protein has traveled up the vagus nerve to the trigeminal nerve and it’s caused inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, which is linked to migraine headaches. So I think it’s actually inflaming all the nerves coming out of that pathway. That starts with the vagus nerve, goes to the brainstem and then goes to the olfactory nerve, and then the eyes, the optic nerve is getting inflamed, and we’re getting all of this evidence. And of course the facial Bell’s Palsy, that’s also neurological inflammation in the face. I think all of those things are connected to the spike protein infiltrating the brain. And it will happen with the disease if you have a really weak immune system. It breaks past the lung barrier, it breaks past the vascular barrier. And finally gets to the brain. But that’s a much later step for the disease. So there’s many fewer cases associated with the disease I suspect“.

The same group of therapies that are effective in prevention and treatment of Covid, are also being used to treat post-inoculation injuries. If you experience a post-inoculation injury, usual medical services may not offer appropriate help as many now follow imposed government edicts. Many governments have ordered a ban on prescriptions for drugs recognised as effective against Covid such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine.

Despite the evidence for their use, medical doctors across western nations are threatened with disciplinary action should they attempt to go against government orders, seemingly as the use of cheap and effective repurposed drugs threatens the vaccine narrative. Cheap repurposed drugs used off-label was once a very common and successful medical practice, now obstructed by governments contracted to the pharmaceutical industry.

Most western nations have medical organisations who have evolved through this crisis, and communicate with each other internationally on evidence and evolving protocols. They offer evidence based treatment for both Covid and post-inoculation injuries, staffed by “rebel doctors” who dare to disobey the mafia-style authoritarian over-reach which has been imposed on their profession, in favour of standing firm to the Hippocratic Oath and practising evidence-based medicine. Critical Care Nurse Morgan Wallace is one such “rebel” who gave this three minute testimony to an education board in North Carolina. “Government mismanagement of patients is why people have died. Families have realised this and they are rising up and they are going to come after governments and the hospitals“.

These links provide information on batch numbers and correlated adverse events / deaths relating to the Covid-19 injections. HowBad.Info and a back up due to high traffic at There is a lot of other useful information at these links for those interested in the adverse events occurring with these extraordinary substances.

RKF Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci describes the evolution of these crimes against humanity. In the 1980s, Fauci aggressively promoted the drug Azidothymidine (AZT) by manipulating data, rigging regulatory committees with people who had serious conflicts of interest, unblinding studies, announcing trial results to the press before any peer scientific review could be conducted, and other acts of criminal subterfuge. His actions led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of gay men. He established himself as a powerful and cunning profiteer with strong connections to and control over, the pharmaceutical industry. A short quote from many explosive paragraphs in the book states:

Pharma Principal Investigators (PIs) know that their careers and paychecks depend on their ability to consistently produce study outcomes that will win FDA approval for the subject drug. Such perverse incentives naturally drive research bias, confirmation bias, data tampering, strategic laziness, and deliberate falsification and cheating. PIs routinely covered up adverse events, violated protocols, falsely reported AZT patients as being placebo patients, and lost control of the test product.

Dr Fauci’s fraud persuaded hundreds of thousands of people to take AZT. For many of them, it was a lethal choice.

“On the surface of AIDS, what the public sees, is a benevolent exterior, devoted to ‘saving lives’ of originally mostly gay men in the west, then, since they shifted the narrative, Africans. A global apparatus now worth over $2 trillion and composed of more NGOs, more organisations than anybody could count, obliterates all dissent, all real language, history and truth”, says Celia Farber, author of ‘Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS’. “It’s a Beast system, and Fauci created it. It’s not ‘capitalism’ at all. It detests merit, standards, and all the values of Western Civilisation. It uses the violence of the ‘woke’ economy to re-cast lies as truth, and to proudly crush and block any and all dissenting voices. It does this always in the name of ‘saving lives’. Only now, with COVID, are Americans able to see Fauci’s cold, ruthless face behind the mask. Americans have tried to follow what that man has said for a year and a half now, and we who have been dealing with him for so long, we feel like: ‘Welcome to our nightmare’. Nothing he says makes sense, yet nobody stands over him, to reign him in. Tower of Babble …”

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