A Veneer of Medical Legitemacy

Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav gave a ball-of-fire testimony to the Corona Ausschuss a couple of days ago, in English.

Today’s public health establishment are working under political forces in a climate of extortionate profits and power. Whilst 150 million people are being pushed into extreme poverty America’s billionairres alone in the past year increased their value by US$2.2 trillion. Global beneficiaries have underwritten a universal public health response with unanimous mainstream media coverage. Despite aggressive pressure exerted against all debate, the situation deserves to be examined and questioned. Vera’s testimony explains exactly why based on historical as well as prevailing events.

Her testimony to Dr Reiner Fuellmich, whose legal team continues to advocate fearlessly for us all, is 1h 12m long including intermittent German translations. Unless / until it is removed, it can be heard at this link.

Sydney J. Harris quote: History repeats itself, but in such cunning  disguise that we...

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