Lockdown Sabotage

I’ve decided the people recommending lockdown as a public health measure don’t have our best interests at heart. Lockdown doesn’t come from the discipline of public health. Real world data is now available that shows in no uncertain terms that lockdowns cause serious public health harms whilst simultaneously showing no positive correlation with Covid19 epidemiology. … More Lockdown Sabotage

Quackery and Corruption

This article by Robert E. Wright discusses the history of medical quackery as it evolved in early US history, defining quacks as those who “put profits or power ahead of the scientific method”, breaking the Hippocratic oath to “sell a system or nostrum”. He compares age-old quackery to that we are all victims of today … More Quackery and Corruption

Horror and Hysteria

At no time in years of public health training and experience did I ever hear of using “lockdown” as a strategy to control an epidemic. In 2003 just after the SARS epidemic, I remember being fascinated by an article about China. A local mayor announced he was going to lockdown his city a few days … More Horror and Hysteria