Lockdown Sabotage

I’ve decided the people recommending lockdown as a public health measure don’t have our best interests at heart. Lockdown doesn’t come from the discipline of public health.

Real world data is now available that shows in no uncertain terms that lockdowns cause serious public health harms whilst simultaneously showing no positive correlation with Covid19 epidemiology. Evidence also shows that the more stringent the lockdown, the worse the Covid19 outcomes. This is because protection of those at high risk of severe disease outcomes is ignored when blanket restrictions are put in place, effectively “pushing the high risk to the front of the bus”. Multiple other factors also influence disease prevalence, as is well known for every single infectious disease to ever have affected human societies, so there is nothing controversial or new to this idea. Focused protection is the only way to protect the vulnerable. We know who is at risk, why are we not offering them focused protection for Covid19 whilst protecting the health of everyone else?

So where does lockdown come from and why are nations across the globe using it under a guise of “public health”? Who are the pseudoscientific larrikins behind the genius idea of destroying public health whilst claiming it’s to protect public health? Will they be revealed and will they face the justice they deserve? Or will we continue to slide unquestioningly into this sinkhole of hell which only benefits criminals?


The below summaries are taken from links available at Rational Ground. Other excellent evidence based resources include End Lockdowns, Collateral Global and Great Barrington Declaration. Public health expertise continues unabated despite the pseudoscience currently sabotaging us all.

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