Quackery and Corruption

This article by Robert E. Wright discusses the history of medical quackery as it evolved in early US history, defining quacks as those who “put profits or power ahead of the scientific method”, breaking the Hippocratic oath to “sell a system or nostrum”. He compares age-old quackery to that we are all victims of today and ponders on why US public health authorities appear to be “dropping like bees in a collapsing hive”.

Michael Senger, the American lawyer and researcher who has investigated the origins of lockdown, provides an excellent summary below (taken directly from his Twitter account), of how so much quackery arose in the collective consciousness, and its synergy with convergent opportunism, a tiny portion of which he mentions here.

A sudden shift in global consensus in early March led to endless lockdowns. It’s vital to realize this shift didn’t just happen; the CCP launched an entire campaign of propaganda and fraudulent science to bring it about. Let’s recap.

In late Feb., WHO was dazzled by China: “China’s uncompromising and rigorous use of non-pharmaceutical measures to contain transmission of the COVID-19 virus in multiple settings provides vital lessons for the global response”.

In a press conference, Bruce Aylward, head of the WHO’s China mission, told the press: “What China has demonstrated is, you have to do this. If you do it, you can save lives and prevent thousands of cases of what is a very difficult disease”. Two days later, in an interview for China Central Television (CCTV), Aylward (who later disconnected a live interview when asked about Taiwan) put it bluntly: “Copy China’s response to COVID-19″.

The New York Times (To Take on the Coronavirus, Go Medieval on It) immediately lapped up the WHO’s February report: “China ‘took one of the most ancient strategies and rolled out one of the most ambitious, agile and aggressive disease-containment efforts in history.’”

Tom Frieden—who has extensive China ties and supported Tedros knowing of his cholera coverups—echoed WHO, telling CNN on Feb 25: “China’s extraordinary cordon of Hubei province and other areas bought the world at least a month of lead time to prepare”. (Former CDC Director: A coronavirus pandemic is inevitable. What now?)

Days later, a team from Imperial College, “China’s best academic partner in the west,” led by Neil Ferguson ran a computer model forecasting 2.2 million people in the U.S. would die of COVID, and recommended months of lockdowns. (Chinese President sees UK-China academic partnerships at Imperial)

Neil Ferguson recalled how China inspired him: “It’s a communist one party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe … And then Italy did it. And we realised we could… If China had not done it, the year would have been very different.” (Professor Neil Ferguson: People don’t agree with lockdown and try to undermine the scientists)

Days later, the WHO released guidance citing Chinese journal articles claiming that “Chinese expert consensus” called for “invasive mechanical ventilation” as the “first choice” for people with respiratory distress. (‘First Choice’: How China and the WHO created mass ventilator hysteria and harmed innocents along the way)

Chinese journal articles even claimed the coronavirus was so brand-spankin’ novel that, unlike other viruses, it could spread asymptomatically. Per WHO: “Early data from China suggested that people without symptoms could infect others.” (Transmission of SARS-CoV-2: implications for infection prevention precautions)

On March 4, Bar-Yam et al launched the website http://EndCoronavirus.org, which was quickly translated into 17 languages, urging countries around the world to emulate China’s lockdowns.

On March 10, Tomas Pueyo published an article that instantly went viral, urging leaders to emulate China and clairvoyantly predicting that “in 2 to 4 weeks” the “entire world” would be “in lockdown,” even though WHO hadn’t yet declared a pandemic. (Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now) [NB: Pueyo, who has no health background, runs an online education business whose profits rose exponentially during the pandemic]

At that same time, the entire world was suddenly bombarded with propaganda extolling China’s draconian lockdown measures. (Behind China’s Twitter Campaign, a Murky Supporting Chorus). Beginning March 12, hundreds of thousands of state-sponsored social media posts admired China’s lockdowns and demanded governments around the world emulate them, denigrating countries and leaders who failed to follow.

Beginning March 13, Boris Johnson’s Twitter feed was stormed by suspicious accounts likening his initial herd-immunity-focused plan to genocide.

Chinese state media conspicuously and simultaneously echoed the exact same sentiments of the bots storming Boris Johnson’s feed, on March 14 describing “herd immunity” as a “strategy” violating “human rights.”

Chinese state media simultaneously bombarded Facebook with ads advertising China’s pandemic response, all of which ran without Facebook’s required political disclaimer. (China floods Facebook with undeclared coronavirus propaganda ads blaming Trump)

When Italy became the first country outside China to lock down, Chinese experts arrived on March 12 and two days later advised a tighter lockdown: “There are still too many people and behaviors on the street to improve.” (Link here to an Italian language article by HuffingtonPost)

On March 15, bots began wildly sharing a YouTube video they called a “message from the future” showing Italians with “a message to themselves from 10 days prior” gaining 8,300,000 views. It said, “the US, England, France, Spain and Germany are about 9-10 days behind Italy”.

And that’s just the evidence we know so far, which likely barely scratches the surface of the shenanigans that took place. For example, there was likely just as much influence and collaboration taking place in foreign languages.

All this took place between Feb 24 and March 15. So we don’t have to scratch our heads as to how the consensus to copy China’s lockdowns emerged so rapidly in those days. We know.

The rest is human psychology.

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