Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health

The World Bank Pandemic Fund, which claims a need for $10.5 billion per year, is already in place. The money will come from national governments (ie taxpayers) and be channelled through the pharmaceutical industry and other corporate structures for profit. Currently WHO’s budget is less than $4 billion annually for all programs (non-communicable disease, TB, … More Rejecting Monopoly Power Over Public Health

Locksteps and Stonewalls

Tedros of the Tigray Peoples’ Liberation Front has changed his mind for now. In lockstep, New Zealand have announced a reduction in Covid-19 restrictions. It seems those leading the charge are jittery and in retreat. Regrouping to try again? Lynda Wharton of the Health Forum New Zealand reflected on the return of an edited version of “freedom” … More Locksteps and Stonewalls

Boots On Human Faces: Why Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You What You Need to Know

“In casting an eye over the years since the dramatic introduction of the COVID pandemic, the near total shutdown of the world, the immense transfer of wealth from the middle and poorer classes upwards, the universal imposition of an inadequately tested so-called vaccine, and the vehement suppression of critical early treatment, one cannot but conclude … More Boots On Human Faces: Why Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You What You Need to Know

Spotlight on World Health Organisation

An awesome initiative, reviewed by NZDSOS: The International Alliance for Justice and Democracy (IAJD) are a grassroots legal advocacy group working to confront the World Health Organisation (WHO) and their globalist associations on the increasing human rights violations occurring universally in the name of public health. On 28 May 2022 they hosted a press conference … More Spotlight on World Health Organisation

Get in Good Trouble

“Stand up for what you believe in. Speak up. Speak out. Get in the way. Get in good trouble. Necessary trouble. When you see something that is not right, you must say something, you must do something. Democracy is not a state, it is an act [John Lewis, American Civil Rights Activist] … Nelson Mandela’s … More Get in Good Trouble

Saying No In Time

Taken from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science: Stop the Treaty. The World Health Assembly are in congress this week to discuss the proposed Pandemic Prevention and Preparedness Treaty (“the Treaty”) and amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHR”). Authored by Kirsten Murfitt from New Zealand Lawyers Speaking Out With Science (NZLSOS), the attached … More Saying No In Time