Boots On Human Faces: Why Your Doctor May Not Be Telling You What You Need to Know

In casting an eye over the years since the dramatic introduction of the COVID pandemic, the near total shutdown of the world, the immense transfer of wealth from the middle and poorer classes upwards, the universal imposition of an inadequately tested so-called vaccine, and the vehement suppression of critical early treatment, one cannot but conclude that there is indeed an agenda beyond health and welfare.

The FSMB and the IAMRA have shown by their actions that they are tools whose task is to further this agenda, and that this agenda is both anti-medical and inhumane.

The outstanding question remains: Where does the FSMB derive its authority to regulate United States medical boards and, through its apparent international partner, the IAMRA, direct medical councils around the world to discipline doctors?

Dr Emanuel Garcia, of New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With science

Doctor Garcia in interview.

Federation of State Medical Boards Attacks Physicians Over COVID ‘Misinformation’ — Who’s Behind It? This article explains how international health professional licensing authorities are captured by FSMB via the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA), whose current Chair also happens to be the CEO of the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ). Like health profession licensing authorities across the globe, they issued a statement to licenced professionals, including those trained in risk-benefit analyses, in April 2021, that benefits of vaccination must be promoted to patients. Risk is no longer to be considered or spoken of. These authorities are kept busy today, removing the right to practice of qualified and experienced professionals, most of whom have long and successful career histories, but who dare to speak today, against the sacred cow of medical profiteering.

Not all health professionals – even those with high credentials – are well enough informed about “vaccines” to give decent advice. Of those who are, most health professionals won’t take the risk and are therefore quiet and/or compliant. Numbers of those breaking compliance grows daily. Dealing with vaccine injured, the fear is palpable. You hear daily, reports of doctors whispering in private consultation rooms, messages they refuse to say or even admit to having said, in company. Or saying something one day and changing their mind the next. And rarely if ever agreeing to document or report what they’ve stated to the patient may be an injury caused by a pharmaceutical product. These products – the most dangerous in human history – are elevated to sacred status and must only be worshipped.

This brave Obstetrician-Gynaecologist in Australia has colleagues in NZ doing similar work despite concerted efforts by those with the control to remove income and licensing rights, to shut them down.

Hundreds of his colleagues at AMPS attended this conference last week.

Over 3,250 physicians, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, and other volunteers are analyzing the 55,000 pages per month publication of Pfizer’s internal documents, released under court order. The document analysis project director is Amy Kelly who writes at Behind the FDA Curtain: War Room / Daily Clout Pfizer Reports. Her headlines include, but are not limited to:

American Maternal-Foetal Medicine Specialist Dr James Thorp recently spoke to Naomi Wolf on his observations and concerns which she compares against reported findings from the Pfizer document releases as analysed by the volunteer teams coordinated via Daily Clout.

If you’re pregnant please don’t take ‘the shot’. If you’ve already taken it, please don’t take anymore“.

Dr James Thorp

How did the word “vaccine” become a sacred cow never to be questioned, researched, investigated, regulated or refused?

The Federation of State Medical Boards, funding the International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities, does not disclose its donors. Who could they possibly be?

He surely wouldn’t be able to afford to fund the MHRA as well as other regulators across the globe? Will the MCNZ, NCNZ, AHPRA and other international regulators acting in lockstep make public statements as to where their funding comes from? Why are professionals trained in vaccine safety and efficacy being told to remain silent, on punishment of impoverishment, about the most dangerous and ineffective medical product ever unleashed on humanity?

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