Former Pfizer Connections

Fifty three New Zealanders died in the past week within 28 days of having a positive Covid test. This is around 8% of all expected deaths.

Whilst there is something worrying about these deaths, the numbers do not represent a pandemic. Or they once would not have. In modern times, with everyone encouraged (and many forced) to test for a single virus repeatedly with what amounts to a screening test being used to diagnose disease, without any medical input, regardless of symptoms, and on a background of deliberately suppressed immunity, this is a pandemic which may remain in place until announced otherwise.

This week the WHO International Health Regulations Review Committee are holding secret meetings to amend the International Health Regulations (IHRs) in order to increase their power in health emergencies which they will be responsible for monitoring, declaring and responding to, including supra-national power which will supersede national governments. Democratic nations are about to lose their sovereignty under these regulations. To keep us safe, of course.

The members of this committee are not elected and appear to be unidentified. The proceedings are top secret and they answer only to the Director-General of WHO. His background is available in this brief video. Read why we should all actively oppose the IHR amendments at this article. Not least of all will be our right to question demands made of us by this brigade.

WHO are incorporating “One Health” into the IHRs, which connects everything on the planet to health. For example climate change. Which interestingly, although Karl claims that it’s a conspiracy theory in the same breath as explaining the plan, involves the exact same solutions as a pandemic now involves. So that should be fun and keep us safe, as outlined by German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach, who is obviously a great guy.

Brook Jackson was employed by a company called Ventavia, to supervise a Pfizer clinical trial in Texas. Upon commencing employment she immediately saw multiple issues including fraud which she attempted to report. She was dismissed from her employment within 6 hours of reporting concerns to the Food & Drug Administration, who are meant to regulate trials. Her story is worth hearing. A one hour interview here, or a twelve minute testimony to Australia’s Covid Inquiry in September 2022, here.

Former pharmaceutical research executive Sasha Latypova worked in the industry for two decades, during which time she owned a biologics company specialising in cardiac safety of new drugs. She contracted to Pfizer and Pfizer were an investor, and she worked closely with regulatory agencies including the FDA. She has spoken in detail about her deep knowledge of the systems and her recognition of the fraud taking place from the beginning of the Covid pandemic, for example this presentation with the Corona Investigative Committee. For a less detailed summary, see this twenty minute interview with Clayton Morris at Redacted.

Former Chief Science Officer and Vice President of Respiratory Research at Pfizer, toxicologist / immunologist Dr Michael Yeadon has a very loud and clear message. Noone needs, and noone should be receiving, these products. Malfeasance is playing out and he speculates as to why. Human health is not the intended outcome.

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