Underground Drug Deal

Baby Mary was commenced on anti-TB medications sourced from the Black Market in the past couple of days.

That’s an underground drug deal I never thought I would support.

After festering in misery for 4 months of her 6 months on earth I expect to hear only good news from now on.

This however, is not an isolated case.  Impoverished children clearly cannot access the TB treatments that they need due to ineffective, over-bureaucratic systems.  This at least partly explains why 36% of global TB cases are estimated (per WHO) to be untreated.

2 thoughts on “Underground Drug Deal

  1. A step in the right direction, even if done by dubious means. Poor little thing, & poor mother & family.


  2. Fingers crossed the drugs are “good drugs” and this poor suffering baby and her suffering family, can get some relief.


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