Proud to be an Outlier

Addit: 2 November. Since sharing this blog yesterday, the following has happened, which reveals the apolitical nature of the man that he could make such an error of judgement, and his character that he can openly apologise. The level of vitriol being hurled at him in response has been disturbing. Listening to Scott Atlas speak, is like a reiteration of lessons from my Master of Public Health. The message is what matters, not the platform used in error.


Scott Atlas has a distaste for politics. He joined the White House Coronavirus Task Force in order to help inform an appropriate response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is not a political appointment but a public health advisory role. As with other reputable experts standing against the mainstream disproportionality and taste for hysteria over evidence, he has been demonised by many. When asked about comments from Dr Fauci he states that when the Inliers are so wrong, he is proud to be an Outlier.

Interestingly, he confirms my suspicions about why large areas of SE Asia have not seen local virus transmission during this pandemic. “There is reason to believe that a lot of Asian countries have less impact from <Covid-19> because they have a lot more biological experience with related viruses. That could be SARS1, it could be other coronaviruses. When we see the data from Singapore, taking blood samples from subjects who had SARS1 seventeen years ago, when you look at their study it showed a very robust T-cell response to exposure to Covid-19“. This refutes the promoted idea that immunity from natural infection will be short lived. It also suggests that herd immunity (redefined by 2020 groupthink as “murder most foul”) is already protecting populations in some places.

Ashfin Rattansi and Scott Atlas spent half an hour together yesterday discussing this and more, on Going Underground RT.

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