Comparing Craftsmen

This is Bill Gates speaking about his recommended pandemic measures. Bill Gates says that there “could be” more Covid-19 variants to come. There will be. It is normal viral evolution. We don’t panic about the constantly evolving variants of Influenza. We know it happens and other than monitoring them for surveillance purposes, it’s not a … More Comparing Craftsmen

Doing Darkness When The Lights Are Off

by Helen Tindall and David Bell Humanitarianism in Southeast Asia in the Age of COVID-19 Humanitarian: “a person involved in or connected with improving people’s lives and reducing suffering”.~ Cambridge English Dictionary. Health: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.~ Constitution of the World … More Doing Darkness When The Lights Are Off

Lockdown Sabotage

I’ve decided the people recommending lockdown as a public health measure don’t have our best interests at heart. Lockdown doesn’t come from the discipline of public health. Real world data is now available that shows in no uncertain terms that lockdowns cause serious public health harms whilst simultaneously showing no positive correlation with Covid19 epidemiology. … More Lockdown Sabotage

Humanity’s Hunger

People I have known for years, living in the third world, who despite being impoverished, have been independently taking care of themselves and their families for generations and asking for nothing, now face intolerable despair. For example: “Have no job for long time. Also now my village close. Cannot go outside to find any food. … More Humanity’s Hunger

Human Ecoystems Need Exposure

I am hopeful PANDA will publish this, or an edited version. Meanwhile it seems worth sharing here. It demonstrates the dangers of poor public health interventions. Interestingly mainstream media, likely due to their lack of investigative ability rather than something sinister, have claimed that NZ were “ZeroRSV” until unquarantined Australian arrivals brought it back into … More Human Ecoystems Need Exposure

More “Conspiracists”

Recently I messaged a previous manager now working in management for a humanitarian NGO. I asked him to please review the pandemic response and suggested Nick Hudson’s presentation at the April 2021 BizNews conference. He replied “is it another conspiracy”. The blackout of ideas outside the consensus narrative is swift and unconditional. This person is … More More “Conspiracists”

Cooking the Books

BBC interviewer:“How did Singapore handle the pandemic so well?” Singapore Health Official:“Your question should be “How did the UK not handle the pandemic so well?”” BBC interviewer:“What do you mean?” Singapore Health Official: “We followed the ‘UK Pandemic Response Protocol‘. The UK did not!” Oneday it will be a given that government ministers and health … More Cooking the Books

If Not Us, Then Who?

PANDA ~ Pandemics Data and Analytics published a Review update of recent science relating to Covid-19 policy in early January. “The unprecedented measures of universal lockdowns, tight institutional lockdowns of care homes, universal masking of the general population, obsession with surfaces and hands, and the accelerated vaccine deployment are contrary to known science, and contrary … More If Not Us, Then Who?