Pathology, Pharmacology and Psychology

Dr Clare Craig and Dr John Lee are Pathologists in the UK, both outspoken and eloquent public health proponents. Dr Roger Hodkinson is another British Pathologist, now based in Canada. Amongst an impressive professional career he is currently Chairman of a Biotechnology Company selling Covid-19 tests. As he states, he is in the business of testing for Covid and he “might know a thing or two about this”.

On 13 November Dr Hodkinson called in to a Zoom meeting about Covid-19 with the City of Edmonton Community and Public Services Committee. Here is his five minute contribution to the meeting. (Link updated 3 March 2021 after the original YouTube video was “removed for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service”).

Dr Michael Yeadon is a Pharmacologist with expertise in respiratory disease who previously worked for Pfizer. He has spoken on multiple platforms over the past few months. The below video is very long, partly because of the translations required, but the information shared is invaluable. Yeadon and Dr Clare Craig join a group of German experts to discuss what might be happening in this growing public health crisis.

If I am wrong, I want to be corrected. I have no reason to want to say anything other than the truth“. ~ Michael Yeadon

Michael Yeadon, Clare Craig and Reiner Fuellmich discuss Covid-19

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