Documenting Abuses

Her parents remain in the same care home, but apart. She regularly shares these pictures to highlight her distress. Francis Hoar is a barrister. A legal class action is coming, but it will be too late for many.
“Hug Bubble lets seniors feel the magic of touch”

Clare Wills is an English lawyer representing elderly care home residents and their families through devastating consequences of enforced isolation which is leading to unnecessary suffering and death. She talks about her experiences with these lockdown victims at Episode 15 of Alex McCarron’s podcast, Escape From Lockdown.

Dan Wootton highlights the plight of Mary Fowler on talkRADIO here.

An actual “health promotion” campaign in UK. Elderly deaths of hypothermia frequently make headlines at this time of year. Concern about heating bills is often cited as a contributing factor. Each English winter up to 25,000 people die of hypothermia. The elderly, the very young and those with other diseases are cited as most at risk.

2 thoughts on “Documenting Abuses

  1. Yes, how many. It is mental torture both of the elderly and their families. The very old can become fearful as a normal mind set. Not getting reassurance from anyone must be terrifying. This is wholesale elder abuse.

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