The Covid Killing Fields

Knutt Wittkowski is an international expert in infectious disease epidemics who previously led the Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design at Rockefeller University Hospital in New York. At this lunch interview on a New York City sidewalk he talks for 20 minutes about Covid-19. He argues with clarity that we cannot fight the spread of this disease, but we can direct it towards spreading amongst the young and healthy in order to ensure the least harm is caused whilst population immunity builds. This is the argument maintained by the authors and >750,000 signatories to the Great Barrington Declaration, who despite being led by some of the world’s pre-eminent Infectious Disease Epidemiologists, have been labelled all manner of evil by those without an understanding of infectious disease dynamics and, in some instances, those with alterior motives as has been demonstrated regarding Christian Drosten and others.

Scientists speaking out against the global political response to Covid-19 will now explain their background first, before putting forth their arguments. A common phenomenon playing out in this pandemic is the denial of peoples’ right to debate. Denis Rancourt, a Canadian Physicist and one of the scientists volunteering energetically with Panda, introduces himself in this interview with Tania Khazaal for the purpose of defending why a Physicist can speak on Covid-19. He then spends 20 minutes discussing his research on protection of the elderly and the cruel death sentence that current measures mete out on those isolated in long term care facilities.

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