Speaking Truth to Power

I have learned that the more someone understands viruses, epidemiology and outbreaks + the less they have to benefit from the fear narrative we have been so strongly convinced to follow, the more completely outrageous their views appear to the general public. Below features two of the growing number of people with the relevant expertise and courage to speak truth to power.

Qualified in Pulmonology and Epidemiology, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg has been active in anti-corruption efforts in the medical establishment for many years. He became well known after calling for an independent inquiry into pharmaceutical industry interference at World Health Organisation during the Swine Flu pandemic of 2009. He shares his experience and knowledge including that of current events, with Nick Hudson at this astounding interview.

A Conversation With Wolfgang Wodarg

Yesterday I watched Kevin McKernan, a volunteer scientist with Panda who has expertise in PCR testing, interviewed with Vance Crowe at this podcast. Some of it is technical and some of it is not. Some (not all) of the main points include:

  • Up to 40% of “Covid” allocated deaths have been found to be misallocated.
  • The infection fatality rate is roughly on a par with Influenza, per Professor John Ioannidis (whose epidemiological research has been published by World Health Organisation).
  • PCR testing is extremely problematic and driving a lot of panic and fear.
  • At the same time as Coronavirus continues to spread, Influenza has disappeared and excess deaths are not especially high (many countries are not recording any excess deaths), despite the pandemic.
  • The average age of death with Covid-19 is older than the average age. For young people the risk is less than influenza.
  • Unusually, when World Health Organisation declared a pandemic, a spike in Covid-19 deaths synchronised across the globe. This unlikely pattern strongly suggests that “everyone started going into pandemic mode, over-ventilating and perhaps mistreating this disease”. (An example of the harm that fear can cause).
  • The way Covid-19 is categorised means that if you test PCR positive for Covid-19 in the last 28 days you’ll get labelled a Covid death. There are gunshot deaths which have been categorised as Covid-19.
  • This is a serious disease but it is also being mis-categorised a lot and our lack of proportionality is causing more harm than good.
  • The harms of our response are occurring with little attention, but are occurring at a scale that dwarfs by orders of magnitude, the coronavirus deaths.
  • Many people running the Covid-19 response have conflicts of interest.  For example the SAGE group (Scientific Advisory Group on Emergencies) in the UK consists of many people involved in testing companies or vaccine companies, who see solutions in their own vested interests.
  • All of society remains stalled by responses reliant on an overly-sensitive test which maintains panic.
  • Many medical ethics are being violated, such as testing asymptomatic people without informing them what their results actually mean; quarantining healthy people; and this is maintaining chaos in society.
  • Some of the tests in use have been thoroughly validated and some of them have not; many invalidated tests are based on science from Christian Drosten’s laboratory in Berlin, who appear to have used deliberate mal-intent to push a highly flawed test through World Health Organisation (details of how the tests are flawed and evidence that deliberate deception was employed are in the video and I have blogged about this previously).
  • Physicians and nurses administering the tests don’t understand the tests or what their results mean; they don’t know the name of the tests being used, or the log scale value being used to determine positive or negative results. Most are using the tests in a way which they are not intended, which should be part of a diagnostic process including clinical background, symptoms and understanding the likelihood of someone actually being infectious.
  • The idea of asymptomatic spread became popular in Spring, based on articles which came out of China. This theory was key to governments obtaining and maintaining control over society and encouraging ongoing panic. The theory has since crumbled.
  • When medical industries grow big enough they are difficult to stop. The testing industry alone is a multi billion dollar per quarter industry, for example last quarter “Thermo” made $2 billion (growth of 40% per quarter); Quest and Labcore made $1 billion last quarter; and these are only three he could think of quickly. The tests are being sold even to schools, who know no better and so are signing up for it.
  • A massive class action law suit is materiaising as many people have lost livelihoods based on faulty testing which led to being falsely locked down or having their business destroyed. Those behind the fraud are facing massive damage claims.
  • Noone in the field believes [the UK variant] is more transmissible or more virulent.  In fact there’s evidence it’s less virulent. The fear narrative around this variant, used by politicians to kill Christmas, deserves legal action.
  • Current censorship of science is worrisome. Good science involves questioning and challenging evidence and when this is censored, it becomes religion rather than science. The science has become centralised so that there is only one narrative, largely led by the Gates Foundation who are funding a lot of research and promoting the lockdown message.
  • The new vaccine technology is groundbreaking but the way in which it is being enforced is turning people into vaccine skeptics.
  • A good way to sift out truth from conflict is to look at funding sources, so if people share a single source then you are probably not hearing a consensus but rather a single manufactured message being spread through multiple outlets.
  • An example of independent funding is the Pandemics Data and Analytics group (Panda), who are a group of decentralised scientists from around the world with paychecks from different entities, volunteering to contribute to the science. We don’t have a CEO telling us which direction to think, so we are not excommunicated for having different ideas, meaning we can produce healthy data and healthy analysis.
  • The centralization of the decision making we have lived through this year has gone all the way to when you can stand up or sit down and wear a mask to which restaurants and businesses can be open or closed, which is Fascism.

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