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Scattered amidst the single consensus narrative you occasionally find an actual investigative journalist. Anna Brees (UK) and Naomi Wolf (USA) are worth following. Days ago a German court ruled lockdown as a “catastrophically wrong political decision with dramatic consequences for almost all areas of people’s lives.

Naomi Wolf interviews Kevin McKernan and Bobby Malhotra in this hour-long video which gets a bit complicated on the issue of PCR testing but for anyone interested, it is well worth the effort as this is growing into a story which mainstream will soon be unable to continue to ignore. Co-authors of the Corman-Drosten Review Report, they speak about the problems of PCR and the interview is summarised well by The Daily Clout, as below. For a full understanding, its important to listen to the video, for example McKernan states clearly that the Drosten protocol has not been in use everywhere, that its errors have been corrected by some laboratories, but that it remains impossible to know which laboratories are, and which are not, using it.

The entire Covid-19 pandemic has been predicated on “COVID Charts” that purport to show waves of “cases”, including “spikes” and “hotspots”. The entire Western world has been breathlessly following these charts that allegedly track test results for COVID; policies based on these tests have locked whole nations indoors, isolated elders, kept kids and teenagers out of school, crushed entire sectors and resulted in a massive wealth transfer as distressed assets are bought up by big investors and developers for pennies on the dollar, and as Big Tech and Big Pharma rack up unprecedented profits.

But how accurate are those tests? Several courageous scientists have been coming forward to explain exactly why the main form of COVID test, called the “PCR test”, is unfit for any kind of use as a diagnostic tool. Twenty-two scientists signed what’s called a “retraction report” to the journal Eurosurveillance, asking for a retraction of the essay by Christian Drosten, advisor to the German government, that initially proposed the use of PCR tests and their protocols, or the “recipe” to use, to diagnose COVID. Eurosurveillance had rushed this paper, that went on to form the basis for the whole world using PCR tests, through peer review in a day. The average for that same journal is 172 days.

Two of the signatories, Bobby Malhotra, who was on the Austrian COVID task force, and Kevin McKernan, who directed a research lab at MIT for many years and has 25 years’ experience working with PCR tests, gave Daily Clout an interview for our Profiles in Courage series, on January 19, 2021.

In this interview, which took place at the PCR test lab in Medicinal Genomics, in Beverly, MA, where McKernan is Chief Strategy Officer, the two scientists explain exactly why PCR tests are unfit for use in any way in accurately diagnosing COVID infections.

They point out that the test cycles are set at 40-45 often – a setting that, as the WHO admitted on January 13, 2021, ensures false positives at scale.

They also point out that the PCR tests will pick up any one of four Asian cold viruses (a common cold) and report it as a positive for COVID; that a second step for checking that the result is actually COVID, and not a false positive, is not typically done; they note that the line that indicates “human being” is left out of the PCR test protocol recommended by Drosten, which is why people are getting positive test results when they test, for instance, ice cream cones; and they explain that Dr Drosten did not even have a sample of COVID [SARS-CoV-2] to use in his protocol and so the test protocol he created was based on a computer simulation.

The conclusion they reach? We can’t possibly even know that there has been a pandemic, let alone what its scale has been, since the results of PCR tests to date are “garbage” and need to be thrown out and the whole process begun anew with accurate testing protocols.

They also warn that now that the WHO has told labs to release the CT levels that labs are using to health clinics that ask about them, we are likely to see a “drop” in “infections” which will really just be a change from inaccurate to more accurate test conditions. Most importantly, they warn that the PCR allows a “pandemic” to be dialled up or down at will, by simply adjusting the CT levels.

The courageous scientists also warn that we must learn from this crackdown on rights, never to let this happen again since medical fascism can be enacted at will by manipulating “medical” data. The men explosively reveal that this is what has happened with this global pandemic – or what may rather be a global crisis that includes an unnecessary secondary disaster in promoting a faulty test that had led to a massive disruption of human community, kids’ education, and crushing of small businesses and peoples’ hopes.

Speaking in an interview about MERS in 2014, Christian Drosten is quoted as follows. What made him change tack?
Asymptomatic people should not be tested with PCR.
The question of whether there is a mild, short-lived infection in some people is scientifically interesting. But in cities like Jeddah, it is bringing the health system close to collapse. That is the big problem. So many samples are being tested that the lab capacity won’t suffice for the real cases. And as more and more samples are tested, mistakes are bound to happen. On top of that, if you identify all these mild cases and put them in isolation beds, then you have no beds left for the real cases.

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