Planet Lockdown

A documentary and interview series covering the information needed to understand where we are today. The full-length film is coming early February. Until then, watch the full interviews and subscribe to our newsletter.

Asymptomatic Transmission:

“Lie number 1: there can be infections without symptoms, so that everybody here is afraid of everybody, even though nobody shows any symptoms, nobody is seriously sick. And the second lie is the PCR tests with their positive results, tell us about infections. And there you have it, that is the stage which is perfect for this panic which is playing out” ~ Reiner Fuellmich, Attorney at Law on Planet Lockdown

“The idea of asymptomatic carrier spreading the disease Covid-19 is untrue and it is backed by zero data. There is not a single case documented in the world”. ~ Sucharit Bhakdi, Professor Emeritus of Microbiology on Planet Lockdown

Dr Bhakdi sits on the Scientific Advisory Group of Panda : Pandemics Data and Analytics, alongside other highly credentialed medical and public health scientists who are working for an evidence based public health approach, through the labyrinth of corruption and fear based propaganda.

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