A Slow Crumble

There are so many mistakes that they’re making. I don’t think all of these adverse reactions to the vaccines are part of the plan.

~ Reiner Fuellmich

Note the scale of this graph for India – they have risen to 1.5 Covid related deaths per million. Based on PCR testing alone, this low number is likely to include a significant number of false positive results in people dying from other causes. With 850 Covid deaths out of 27,000 total deaths per day (including 1200 TB deaths and 2000 dysentery deaths everyday), the pressure they are now under, courtesy of wildly exaggerated headlines, is to lockdown even harder.

Lockdown diverts already-limited resources away from protective health care programs such as HIV, TB, childhood vaccination and nutrition which are far more significant than Covid-19. Lockdown also blocks supply lines including for health care resources such as oxygen, which in turn pro-lockdown media outlets use to promote the idea that Covid itself is the reason for shortages of medical supplies. The whole focus is one disease and that focus with its so-called “public health” measures is depressing their economy and killing their poor. How is Covid-focused lockdown “public health” different from genocide?

These patterns are happening across locations. Theoretical concerns of experts and experiential concerns of clinicians relating to these gene therapies which are labelled “vaccines”, as I have shared in multiple blogs over the past few months, appear supported by the data. These experimental substances were not tested on vulnerable populations in Phase 2 trials, but are being rolled out to vulnerable populations in Phase 3. As Reiner Fuellmich has stated, these “vaccine”-related harms appear to be unintended and will likely contribute to the house of cards eventually crumbling. Hopefully without anything close to the impact that Pandemrix had in Europe in 2009.

German pulmonologist and epidemiologist Dr Wolfgang Wodarg, whose political influence led to the Swine Flu scandal in 2009 being blown apart before it could completely take off, gave testimony to the ongoing Corona Ausschuss investigations on 12 March in this video (1h24m) which has been recently subtitled in English. Channel 4 News in the UK briefly covered the Swine Flu scandal in 2010 in this three minute newsclip. “One of the greatest medical scandals of the century“. Until 2020 arrived.

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