Health Misrepresentations

The media are hyping up fear and panic in third world nations. Living fearfully and avoiding social contact for years at a time is irreparably harmful to populations in wealthy nations. But the damage is incomparable to impoverished nations where people suffer invisibly and die much more quickly as a direct result of this so-called “public health” response.

Papua New Guinea was reported in March to be “overwhelmed” by Covid-19. Below is how that data looks. Our World in Data (funded largely by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) make no mention of the test false positivity rate which impacts all data points from number of healthy test positive “cases” to hospitalisations and deaths. Instead of reporting on these small death numbers or the issues relating to a faulty test which is unfit for the purpose of diagnosis, media focus on “case numbers” which are in fact a meaningless metric in this context except for promoting fear.

Three COVID-19 deaths per day in a country who experience around 5,000 TB deaths per year (13 per day) and about 20,000 annual lower respiratory tract infection deaths (52 per day), mostly in young children, has apparently “overwhelmed” the nation. This is likely true because of the deadly public health response. As with every nation, there is a pivot towards Covid and away from all other health matters. Locking people down thus removing their ability to feed themselves is considered a public health response of merit and implemented using massive resources appropriated from other programs. SARS-CoV-2 virus is dangerous to the elderly, and so how can it possibly be dangerous to a population whose median age is 22 years old? Every part of the story is absurd.

Similar exaggerations are now being made about India where case numbers are being reported, and the death numbers rather than the death rate in a nation with over one billion people. There is no attention given to issues such as starvation caused by lockdown; paused childhood vaccination programs; a crippled health service due to lockdown supply chain issues. Below data provides some context to India’s Covid-19 crisis.

Source: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India

Public Health must stop blindly following the consensus narrative being pushed by mainstream media who persist with massive fear campaigns built from untruths, exaggerations, omissions and lack of context. A discipline whose role is to protect the public is now complicit in causing irreparable harm to many millions of people.

Stop testing healthy people.

Standardise the diagnostic process and case definition.

Stop contact tracing and quarantining healthy people.

Focus on protecting the vulnerable.

Stop the genocide of lockdown.

Remove public health departments from ministerial rule and corporate influence.

Investigate the corruption motivating this fraudulent chaos.

Bill Gates spoke with Stephen Colbert here and here about “The final solution”, “Pandemic One” and his preparations for “Pandemic Two”. He promotes ramping up tests, contact tracing, quarantining the healthy, lockdown as a public health response (it is not), and doesn’t even try to hide his influence over global public health. None of his recommendations are congruent with established, evidence based public health pandemic plans. Why is this happening?

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