Mask Expert Makes Powerful Plea

Megan Mansell is a “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Along with other equally impassioned SMEs, she speaks out constantly about the uselessness of masks as protections in general community settings, particularly schools, and the potential dangers that they pose to wearers. She presented to the Leon County School Board in Florida on 27 April 2021 within a strict 2 minute limitation. Surrounded by board members hidden behind face masks, many of whom she had trained on the subject of PPE, she made a passionate plea that they cease requiring children in schools to wear masks all day. The transcript of her statement is here :

My relevant experience is as a district education director responsible for integration of immunocompromised, profoundly disabled, undocumented, Autistic, and behaviorally challenged students under full ADA, IDEA, and OSHA compliance, with a background in hazardous environs, PPE applications, which includes which respirators work when and why.

My experience grants me the capacity, for instance, to understand specifically how none of you sitting before us today are protected against Covid size particulates, nor are you protecting others – but you know this already, don’t you? It is critical information to consider that there are ZERO efficacy standards for child-size masks. You are requiring untested, unregulated apparatuses which restrict breathing, cause increased carbon dioxide, and are a petri dish of secondary pathogen directly in front of oral/nasal mucosa.

You tell me if you think this sounds like something that would pass an ethics review board. We’re going to take a bunch of kids and put them in this apparatus, ok? They’ll be in it for 8 hours per day, up to 12 if they are in extended day programs. We will not ask for medical clearance or medical consent, but this apparatus will cause deoxygenation and hypercapnia, and children being the sanitary creatures that they are, will drop them, wear them into restrooms where they pick up fecal matter and other pathogen from toilet plumes.

I hope each of you who have worn a mask in a public restroom today recoil in horror at the realization of what you’re breathing – tasting, even – all day long. Kids wear them all day. To be exempt, they must fight tooth and nail and face rampant rejection. Would this pass an ethics review in your opinion? Of course it wouldn’t, but here we are, and this is what you are doing to children in this school system every day, even our truly immunocompromised, in unregulated, unsafe garbage which exacerbates the spread of airborne pathogen. But we’re all in this together, right?

Cloth and surgical masks are expressly non-mitigating for airborne pathogen. Covid has a minimum particle size of .06 microns, which if part of a larger cluster still easily falls within the radically behaving particulate range. Add in plosive force, which is the varying outward respiratory pressure, and you have much like water through a garden hose on the mister setting – droplet into aerosol – where the tighter the fit, the greater the pressure of fine particulates in an outward plume, effectively taking what falls in a predictable 6 foot arc and sending it an 18-20 foot trajectory, remaining aloft for hours in enclosed spaces. 90% of exhaled emitted particulates fall within the radically behaving particulate range – what you have is truly an airborne pathogen.

You say you’ll listen to CDC guidance, but cherry-pick which, ignoring how 71% of new cases report always masking, 14% most of the time.

She was cut off at this point, but had planned to finish with this:

There is a developmental requirement of seeing lip, tongue, and tooth placement for linguistic onset and utterance progress, as well as the ability to emulate caregiver social cues. Missed milestones can take years to remediate, if remediation is even achievable. What ever happened to IDEA Least Restrictive Educational Environment requirements, segments 300.114-300.120?

We cannot cherry-pick which federal laws and regulations to follow while ignoring the rest. By following these practices, there is the creation of a heightened discriminatory atmosphere for employees without accommodation required under ADA federal workplace integration access law, wherein mere presence does not constitute direct threat, even if sick with a contagious pathogen – which is why you had no issue getting flu meds inside a Target or Publix PreCovid.

These practices are OSHA noncompliant, as workplace respirator use for known pathogen requires medical clearance, medical consent, and a fit test of new PPE correctly matched to the pathogen provided by the employer. None of the people you are mandating masks for have been allotted the medical consent and clearance required.

Furthermore, never before were pregnant employees mandated to wear deoxygenating apparatuses that also cause dramatic spikes in CO2 levels (over 10,000 parts per million within the first 90 seconds of wear, far over allowable exposure concentrations) for the duration of their pregnancies.

End mandated masks in district schools immediately.

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