Unmasking Myths

Evidence continues to mount that face masks contribute to, rather than protect against, lung disease. Even more so when mask-wearers are immune-compromised as it is much easier for the bacteria and fungi accumulating at the entrance of their airways to breach weakened defenses. Bacterial pneumonia is considered the predominant cause of deaths in the 1918 … More Unmasking Myths

Do We Need to Become a Mask-Wearing Society?

The UK government claim only 5 million English citizens remain “unvaccinated” but analysis shows it is closer to 19 million (30%) for dose 1. If the NZ government are similarly lying about vaccine rates, this may explain the push for mask mandates, by way of trying to install passports for a social credit system. Taken from NZDSOS. … More Do We Need to Become a Mask-Wearing Society?

Central Controllers

Update from Wellington, New Zealand as at 11 February 2022: A number of police have downed-tools and joined protestors in response to what happened on the Beehive grounds yesterday. Some firemen have also reportedly joined. Protesters report that the Law Society of NZ donated their car park at no charge. It has been raining in … More Central Controllers