The Farce of the Mask

US Secretary of Defense Austin Lloyd (upper scalp and torso seen above), has tested positive to Covid. He must have “broken the rulz”?

Dr Kevin Stillwagon had three minutes to give his opinion to the Board of County Commissioners Meeting in Orange County, Florida, in September last year. He used it efficiently.

My name is Dr Kevin Stillwagon … You are making some really bad decisions based on fear of a virus that has about a 99% survival rate for most of us. That is unsubstantiated fear. So let me give you a couple of things to truly be fearful about.

That mask that you keep insisting that people wear. Decreases the amount of oxygen in your lung tissue. We now know that this virus uses something called a furin cleavage site, to merge with your lung tissue, to infect you. And it works better with decreased oxygen. And peer reviewed research clearly shows that wearing a mask increases your chances of developing an upper respiratory infection thirteen times more than a person not wearing a mask.

So I would stop wearing a mask immediately if I were you.

Secondly, this shot that you insist on people getting, gives you absolutely no protection against infection. It is the innate immune system that protects you from infection by using dendritic cells, T-cells and natural killer cells, without antibodies ever becoming involved.

This shot has one goal. And that goal is to make antibodies. These antibodies circulate inside of you and cannot prevent an infection. They can only react to something that has already gotten inside of you. They cannot keep something out.

The shot decreases the ability of your innate immune system to keep viruses out by 60%. And a booster shot will reduce it even more.

Even worse, the antibodies that are created by this shot can no longer neutralise variants and actually enhance the virus’ ability to infect you. It should be painfully obvious to you by now, that fully vaccinated people are getting sick. And this will continue to get worse if you keep trying to jab people while a virus is trying to spread.

The variants are emerging from the vaccinated population.

This so-called vaccine is still being administered on what’s called an emergency use authorisation. It is not FDA-approved. The FDA approved a biological licencing application for a product called Comirnaty. The application was approved, not the product. Comirnaty is not available in the United States.

Therefore, by law, you cannot force people to take this drug without informed consent and without animal trials to prove that it is safe.

Mayor Dennings, please look at me. You sir, are in violation of the United States Constitution and the Nuremberg Code. You will be held accountable. Good day”.

The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

The reason why I started writing papers and making videos, was because I saw something alarming… People need to stop denying there’s something bad going on. There’s something bad going on.

Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist, speaks here about safety monitoring and the data she has analysed on the Covid products. The link also leads to a presentation she recently made to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks here for 28 minutes about his research findings for his new book, The Real Dr Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. He explains a lot about why public health no longer makes any sense. Serious criminals have enormous Mafiosi-style power. His description of current affairs and the manipulation of our responses is something that every human being on earth, especially those supporting lockdown/Fangkong as a public health measure, should hear. And at least think about before assassinating his character via ad hominems taken from the “fact” checker sites.

Dr Emad Guirguis, at a rally in Toronto last week, asked “is there an ethical doctor in the house?” and “how did this (coercion and medical dictatorship) happen in medicine?“.

Professor Denis Rancourt speaks here briefly, alongside a practical demonstration, on why masks don’t work against viral control.

Lockdown : Public Health Fail

In a two hour podcast interview at The Six Cents Report, Nick Hudson (around the 50 minute mark) refers to the reason that previous pandemic plans were replaced with untried and untested outbreak control responses for Covid-19. The culture of favouring centralist solutions explains the political ideology leading the global lockstep behaviour promoted by players such as those who coordinated Event 201 in October 2019. They have effectively propagandised swathes of the global population to believe that lockdown practices in some way have merit in pandemic control.

Early on in the pandemic, an academic who was a silent supporter of Panda put us in touch with the Gates Foundation. Because we were pointing out that one of the many things that was going by the wayside in the haste to lockdown in South Africa, was that childhood vaccinations were being suspended. And we thought that the consequences of that might be greater than the benefits of lockdown. Just that single factor alone. And he thought that the Gates Foundation might be interested in hearing our perspectives, not only on that specific thing but more generally on the failings of policy as it was being rolled out at that stage, in May to early June last year.

It was a very interesting engagement. They had done some homework, they’d listened to one of our first public webinars … And even though we contradicted the bulk of their narrative in what we were saying, the thing that upset them the most was …. when asked what I thought of the US government’s federal response, which is to say Trump’s response, I said I was actually quite delighted that there wasn’t a uniform federal response in the United States. It meant that every state would make up its own mind about what to do and when the dust had settled on the epidemic, we would be able to take a look back and see what methods worked and what methods didn’t work. And by the way, that prediction has actually come to pass. We now can see that the states that implemented mask mandates had no better outcomes than the states that didn’t. The states that had more draconian lockdowns had no better outcomes than the states that had mild ones or didn’t have any lockdowns at all …

But the staffers at the Gates Foundation were absolutely incensed by this perspective. It upset them much more than our observations about the inadequacy of their models and their misapprehensions of general risk. That spoke volumes to me, about the ideological presuppositions of the people on the other side of this fence“.

The below graphs show why counting a single mortality cause at a single point in time without looking at the bigger picture, is bad public health practice. Using one disease to generate fear is the worst public health practice imaginable. Lockdown is not a public health intervention and has no merit as a pandemic control response.

Follow The Mask Science is an excellent resource for anyone interested in the public health literature relating to use of masks as a control measure against respiratory viruses.

These Amazing Women

Kristen Meghan speaking to Ask The Nurses Podcast, Episode 17, May 19 2021

Masks Are Ineffective Against Viruses

Kristen Meghan has 18 years experience in Occuptional and Environmental Toxicology. Her position as Senior Industrial Hygienist involves anticipating, recognising, evaluating and controlling health hazards in occupational settings. She also has credentials in public health and decontamination. For 12 of her 18 year career she worked on pandemic preparedness, planning and response. If you’ve worn specific respiratory protections in health settings, she states, then she is the person who selects which level of protection you would need. She also testifies as an expert witness in litigations regarding wrongful use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and other legal cases.

Meghan has tested well over 10,000 face masks and respirators throughout her career. In other words, she is a “mask expert”, much like the equally impassioned Megan Mansell whose video I shared on May 14, speaking out in advocacy of children being forced into mask mandates in the USA by the cartel of powerful profiteers who see benefit in forcing masks upon the general population. That they choose to promote this despite the knowledge that masks serve no useful purpose, but cause nebulisation and aerosolisation of viral particles, is described by Meghan as “the biggest fraud perpetrated across the entire world”.

Ask the Nurses Podcast is broadcast by four nurses, two American and two Canadian, dismissed from their workplaces for speaking out against the harmful pandemic response. They interviewed Kristen Meghan today. Anyone interested in the issue of face masks could learn a lot via this intelligent, informed discussion between a group of amazing women who know their subject but also know and stand by their own principles. Political ideologies, corruption, nurses dismissed for standing up against wrongdoing, silencing and demonisation of dissent, wrongful accusations of conspiracies, media hit pieces, death threats and threats against employment and income security all get a mention. Oxygen deprivation, skin damage, dental damage, developmental psychology, mask fit testing, and the range of hazards relating to mask mandates, all going against the oath to “first do no harm”, are also covered.

Meghan describes what I also feel to be true about many in public health. The only Industrial Hygienists speaking out about this are those who own their own businesses, are semi-retired, retired, or work for a firm with no fear of reprisal from larger entities. She talks about the retaliative attacks, censorship and discrimination she has faced. This is not political for her, but a professional and ethical issue. It is quite a story, and one worth sharing.

When you can debate it, it’s science
When you can’t debate it, it’s propaganda

Mask Expert Makes Powerful Plea

Megan Mansell is a “Subject Matter Expert” (SME) on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Along with other equally impassioned SMEs, she speaks out constantly about the uselessness of masks as protections in general community settings, particularly schools, and the potential dangers that they pose to wearers. She presented to the Leon County School Board in Florida on 27 April 2021 within a strict 2 minute limitation. Surrounded by board members hidden behind face masks, many of whom she had trained on the subject of PPE, she made a passionate plea that they cease requiring children in schools to wear masks all day. The transcript of her statement is here :

My relevant experience is as a district education director responsible for integration of immunocompromised, profoundly disabled, undocumented, Autistic, and behaviorally challenged students under full ADA, IDEA, and OSHA compliance, with a background in hazardous environs, PPE applications, which includes which respirators work when and why.

My experience grants me the capacity, for instance, to understand specifically how none of you sitting before us today are protected against Covid size particulates, nor are you protecting others – but you know this already, don’t you? It is critical information to consider that there are ZERO efficacy standards for child-size masks. You are requiring untested, unregulated apparatuses which restrict breathing, cause increased carbon dioxide, and are a petri dish of secondary pathogen directly in front of oral/nasal mucosa.

You tell me if you think this sounds like something that would pass an ethics review board. We’re going to take a bunch of kids and put them in this apparatus, ok? They’ll be in it for 8 hours per day, up to 12 if they are in extended day programs. We will not ask for medical clearance or medical consent, but this apparatus will cause deoxygenation and hypercapnia, and children being the sanitary creatures that they are, will drop them, wear them into restrooms where they pick up fecal matter and other pathogen from toilet plumes.

I hope each of you who have worn a mask in a public restroom today recoil in horror at the realization of what you’re breathing – tasting, even – all day long. Kids wear them all day. To be exempt, they must fight tooth and nail and face rampant rejection. Would this pass an ethics review in your opinion? Of course it wouldn’t, but here we are, and this is what you are doing to children in this school system every day, even our truly immunocompromised, in unregulated, unsafe garbage which exacerbates the spread of airborne pathogen. But we’re all in this together, right?

Cloth and surgical masks are expressly non-mitigating for airborne pathogen. Covid has a minimum particle size of .06 microns, which if part of a larger cluster still easily falls within the radically behaving particulate range. Add in plosive force, which is the varying outward respiratory pressure, and you have much like water through a garden hose on the mister setting – droplet into aerosol – where the tighter the fit, the greater the pressure of fine particulates in an outward plume, effectively taking what falls in a predictable 6 foot arc and sending it an 18-20 foot trajectory, remaining aloft for hours in enclosed spaces. 90% of exhaled emitted particulates fall within the radically behaving particulate range – what you have is truly an airborne pathogen.

You say you’ll listen to CDC guidance, but cherry-pick which, ignoring how 71% of new cases report always masking, 14% most of the time.

She was cut off at this point, but had planned to finish with this:

There is a developmental requirement of seeing lip, tongue, and tooth placement for linguistic onset and utterance progress, as well as the ability to emulate caregiver social cues. Missed milestones can take years to remediate, if remediation is even achievable. What ever happened to IDEA Least Restrictive Educational Environment requirements, segments 300.114-300.120?

We cannot cherry-pick which federal laws and regulations to follow while ignoring the rest. By following these practices, there is the creation of a heightened discriminatory atmosphere for employees without accommodation required under ADA federal workplace integration access law, wherein mere presence does not constitute direct threat, even if sick with a contagious pathogen – which is why you had no issue getting flu meds inside a Target or Publix PreCovid.

These practices are OSHA noncompliant, as workplace respirator use for known pathogen requires medical clearance, medical consent, and a fit test of new PPE correctly matched to the pathogen provided by the employer. None of the people you are mandating masks for have been allotted the medical consent and clearance required.

Furthermore, never before were pregnant employees mandated to wear deoxygenating apparatuses that also cause dramatic spikes in CO2 levels (over 10,000 parts per million within the first 90 seconds of wear, far over allowable exposure concentrations) for the duration of their pregnancies.

End mandated masks in district schools immediately.