More Crazy Scientists?

The inventor of mRNA vaccines and one of world’s foremost experts on messenger mRNA therapeutics – having invented the field in 1988, Dr. Malone has extensive research and development experience in the areas of pre-clinical discovery research, clinical trials, vaccines, gene therapy, bio-defense, and immunology. He has over twenty years of management and leadership experience in academia, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, as well as in governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Dr. Malone is a specialist in clinical research, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, project management, proposal management (large grants and contracts), vaccines and biodefense. This includes writing, developing, reviewing and managing vaccine, bio-threat and biologics clinical trials and clinical development strategies. He has been involved in developing, designing, and providing oversight of approximately forty phase 1 clinical trials and twenty phase 2 clinical trials, as well as five phase 3 clinical trials. He has served as medical director/medical monitor on approximately forty phase 1 clinical trials, and on twenty phase 2 clinical trials, including those run at vaccine-focused Clinical Research Organizations.

Above is part of the curriculum vitae of Dr Robert W Malone, found on his website Consultancy and Analytics. Also found via his website is this ten minute video. A conversation between Dr Malone, Dr Bret Weinstein, an evolutionary biologist with a background in immunobiology, and Steve Kirsch, a researcher with specific interest in vaccine safety. If these three are not qualified to have a sensible and informed discussion on vaccine safety, then who is?

YouTube “fact checkers”, none of whom come close to having the qualifications of those they are now kept busy “fact checking”, removed the discussion of these serious scientists once it reached too many views to be considered “safe”. It has since been uploaded to Bitchute.

On 9 June corporate trial lawyer Dr Reiner Fuellmich spoke again with young podcaster/cartoonist Jeremy Nell at his JermWarfare blog. Fuellmich summarises the evidence taken so far from testimonies to the Corona Ausschuss, of over 100 expert witnesses, from a vast array of disciplines including epidemiology, virology, microbiology, pathology, clinical medicine, public health medicine, World Health Organisation insiders, economists, psychologists, lawyers and other informed professionals with specialist understanding whose combined evidence gives an overall picture. English Public Law Barrister Francis Hoar is one who has given testimony to the Corona Ausschuss and he was interviewed by Julia Hartley Brewer yesterday at this link.

Meanwhile someone provided this diagram recently which shows the difference between Relative Risk Reduction, Absolute Risk Reduction and Number Needed to Vaccinate. Relative Risk Reduction is the only statistic referred to by advertisers pushing for population level belief in effectiveness of these vaccines via dishonest Epidemiology.

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