We’ve Been Flipped

I was being ostracised. I could feel alienation everywhere. Because I held a different view. I was trying to keep my mouth shut … I believe most of all in free speech, freedom of movement, choice of movement. And life. And love. And kindness … This has got to stop.

Eric Clapton who has emphysema (a chronic lung condition), spoke about his experiences over the past 18 months. Even icons like this are isolated and hurt. By something being labelled erroneously and criminally as “public health”. His 25 minute interview at Oracle Films is heartfelt and heartbreaking.

The propaganda making it so you’re responsible for other people’s lives, so I can be labelled a murderer and people will really believe that. That’s powerful!

Basic public health is completely incompatible with this blame-and-shame that is establishing as normal across the globe. We’ve been flipped in a manner that seems both genius and utterly preposterous, particularly as Chinese Communist Party Lockdown is now inaugurated public health practice! Disentangling public health from this level of evangelist newspeak seems frightening but crucial.

Why are there lockdowns?

New Zealand heralded as the best behaving lockdown nation on earth.

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