So Many Lucky Coincidences

Sweden’s public health agency are led by an infectious disease epidemiologist with years of epidemic control experience. Anders Tegnell spoke in this interview four days ago with Claudia Nye: Tegnell, a year on: would he make any changes to his NO lockdown approach to Covid? In summary he recommends:

  • No need to vaccinate children
  • Voluntary vaccinations for adults; threats or incentives don’t fit the Swedish model
  • Don’t test people when they have no symptoms
  • There has been no asymptomatic spread in Sweden
  • Each country needs to review their pandemic response so they can learn from it

Humble, consistent, clear, concise and not a gaslight in sight.

On April 6 when I wrote about Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s share portfolio (Background to New Normal blog post), their Pfizer-BioNTech shares were worth US$85 million. Two and a half months later the same market share has climbed above US$113 million. Thank goodness they’re helping resolve a public health crisis by marketing this product?

Meanwhile, just today at World Health Organisation, where Gates wields “undue influence” with “monopolistic philanthropy“, and is “treated like a head of state” (2017 Politico article Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates), recommendations for vaccines in children were updated and the result was: use PfizerBioNTech.

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