For Our Guinea Pigs

“Our children are our greatest treasure. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.” – Nelson Mandela

BAL16678 Child with guinea pig, c.1870 by English School, (19th century) Iona Antiques, London, UK English, out of copyright

Six months before SARS-CoV-2 was discovered by China, the UN and the World Economic Forum signed a strategic partnership specifically to advance the sustainable development agenda, now known as The Great Reset.

What’s Up With The Great Reset? Part 1 of 2

No doubt it’s all a big conspiracy and we should all therefore ignore it. But perhaps it’s worth viewing for its artistry? Then we can dismiss it as the useless nonsense that it is and get on with our restricted lives?

Anyone with children might want to take note, before dismissing the conspiracy.

The situation is bleak. Biomedical ethics are being disregarded. Science is dead. Parents are misinformed and manipulated, in violation of the Nuremberg code. The children are being sacrificed at the altar of Big Pharma.

All Risk. Zero Benefit. Ten Reasons to Say No to the Jab for the Young

By Abir Ballan, MPH- Coordinator of PANDA

A needle in every arm seems to be the global directive. Inject the old and the young; the sick and the healthy; the recovered and the immune-naive. Just like lockdowns, another strategy that ignores demographic, geographic and immunological differences is being forced on the entire population without a risk-benefit analysis for the individual or a cost-benefit analysis for society. 

The declaration for the protection of children and young people details the collateral damage done to the young by strategies not based on their needs. Are we prepared to find out in real-time what collateral damage could result from a vaccination strategy that is also not based on their needs? The declaration states, “Children and young people do not benefit from the COVID-19 vaccine as their risk from the disease is almost nil. Mass vaccination and vaccine trials on healthy children are therefore unethical.” 

Parents need to know that COVID-19 vaccines are not yet approved by the regulatory authorities. The initial COVID-19 vaccine Emergency Use Authorization in young people aged 16 and 17 was not based on studies establishing safety and efficacy in this age group. Safety and efficacy was extrapolated from studies in adults under the pretext that 16 and 17 year-olds are similar to younger adults. Furthermore, the vaccine manufacturers did not adhere to their own protocols in the vaccine trials for the 12-15 year olds, leading to a more favorable safety profile. They also failed to report transparently on adverse events noted during the trials. 

Given the lack of emergency for the young and the mounting evidence for available effective treatment for the high-risk population, many scientists have argued that the COVID-19 vaccines should have never received Emergency Use Authorization for children. 

Children are being lured into taking the COVID-19 vaccine by manipulative tactics such as sweet offerings and social approval messaging. Some countries are also considering allowing children (minors) to decide for themselves to accept the vaccine without parental consent. Moral imperatives are proliferating to guilt the young into getting vaccinated for the sake of the old, completely disregarding the fact that vaccines are designed to protect the vaccinated. Parents are being scared by variants, claimed to be more lethal to children, while the data (3 min video) doesn’t show that any of the new variants are more lethal. Faulty arguments are being spread to perpetuate the lie that the entire population of the planet must be vaccinated to stop the virus from mutating into new variants. But viruses mutate. They will continue to mutate no matter what we do or who gets vaccinated. The COVID-19 vaccines do not offer sterilising immunity. Vaccinated individuals can still catch the virus and spread it to others. SARS-CoV-2 can also infect animals. As long as the virus continues to be passed on between hosts, it will continue to mutate. 

Meanwhile, serious adverse events and deaths following the vaccine are being reported in the young, while Big Pharma enjoys complete indemnity from liability. 

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”– Nelson Mandela.

The situation is bleak. Biomedical ethics are being disregarded. Science is dead. Parents are misinformed and manipulated, in violation of the Nuremberg code. The children are being sacrificed at the altar of Big Pharma.

It’s time for your informed consent. 

Here are 10 Reasons why children and young people should NOT get the COVID-19 vaccines:

  1. Children and young people have a mostly mild or asymptomatic presentation when infected with SARS-CoV-2. They are at near-zero risk of death from COVID-19.
  2. There is an unusually high rate of reported adverse events and deaths following the COVID-19 vaccines compared to other vaccines. Some adverse events are more common in the young, especially myocarditis. Where potential harm exists from an innovation and little is known about it, the precautionary principle dictates to first do no harm. Better safe than sorry.
  3. Medium and long-term safety data about the COVID-19 vaccines are still lacking. Children and young people have a remaining life expectancy of 55 to 80 years. Unknown harmful long-term effects are far more consequential for the young than for the elderly. 
  4. Vaccination policies rely on expected benefits clearly outweighing the risk of adverse events from the vaccination. The risk-benefit analysis for the COVID-19 vaccines points to a high potential risk versus no benefit for children and young people.
  5. Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 from children to adults is minimal and adults in contact with children do not have higher COVID-19 mortality.
  6. It is unethical to put children and young people at risk to protect adults. Altruistic behaviors such as organ and blood donation are all voluntary.
  7. Several prophylactic treatments as well as the COVID-19 vaccines are available to high-risk individuals so they can protect themselves.
  8. Natural immunity from infection with SARS-CoV-2 is broad and robust and more effective than vaccine immunity, especially in combating variants. Children and young people are safer with natural immunity. 
  9. There are several prophylactic (preventive) protocols and effective treatments available to children and young people with comorbidities. 
  10. Vaccinating children and young people is not necessary for herd immunity. After a year and a half of the pandemic, most people either have pre-existing immunity from other coronaviruses, have recovered from COVID-19 or have been vaccinated

There is thus no medical or public health case for the mass vaccination of children and young people, or for coercive or restrictive measures affecting those who are unvaccinated. For the young, natural exposure to the virus instead of the vaccine is the right thing to do for the greater common good.

All parents should ask themselves a pertinent question: Why risk harm from the experimental vaccines when my child has near zero risk from COVID-19 and natural immunity is safer and more effective? 

We have sacrificed the younger generations again and again throughout the pandemic; deprived them of their education, their peers, their grandparents, their joy, and even fresh air by masking them heartlessly. 

It’s time to stop abusing our young. 

“Our children are our greatest treasure. Those who abuse them tear at the fabric of our society and weaken our nation.” – Nelson Mandela

Three easy actions for parents to take matters into their own hands:

  1. Sign PANDA’s declaration and support our campaign to stop the mass COVID-19 vaccine rollout for children and young people. 
  2. Launch a petition in your country, using a standard text prepared for your convenience.  
  3. Save lives and report any adverse events in children and young people following vaccination to the relevant authorities in your country (UK, US, CANADA, GERMANY, EUROPE, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRIA, SWITZERLAND, NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA)

This is where we draw a line. Our children are not guinea pigs. Our children are ours to protect. The price is too high. Just say NO. Just DO NOT consent to an all-risk, zero-benefit equation.

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