Public Health or Public Harm?

Covering Up an Epidemic : a trusted advisor?

When babies fell ill in Brazil with respiratory illness recently there was no suite of respiratory testing available.

There was only SARS-CoV-2 PCR. A test acknowledged by those following quality public health evidence as not-fit-for-purpose, with a complicated picture of false positivity. This is explained in lay-friendly terms by Dr Clare Craig at A Miscarriage of Diagnosis. And so almost 1,000 Brazilian babies “died of Covid” in this year’s lockdown-worsened respiratory virus season.

Today in New Zealand children are experiencing an epidemic of Respiratory Syncytial Virus, an infection far more dangerous to children than Covid. NZ hospitals are under mounting pressure. They use a suite of testing unavailable in impoverished health systems and not used in Covid’s carpark testing stations. NZ’s suffering babies are unlikely to experience the Covid horror that played out on Brazil’s children under the excited eye of a parasitic media. Without a Covid diagnosis, their suffering will go largely unnoticed.

Lockdowns make everything worse. Our children – and all of us – deserve better than this nonsense.

End Lockdowns.

Why is Covid-19 less severe in children?

New Zealand Herald 26 June 2021

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