Scientists defying the simple and fervently pushed “bad anti-vax, good pro-vax” stance have been talking about Antibody Dependent Disease Enhancement (ADE) for many months. One of the most high profile of these is Dr Robert Malone who gave this interview a few days ago.

The Covid-19 vaccines were not designed to prevent infection and transmission, but to prevent disease and death. Malone states that it is clear that they work in the highest risk groups, ie the elderly (compared to those who don’t receive the vaccine). Evidence now out of Israel suggests the risk of severe disease and hospitalisation for high risk groups is better if you are vaccinated, as the relative risk reduction statistics suggest. However, those who are vaccinated and get infected with Delta variant, seem to be at higher risk of death. “This is paradoxical and is exactly the kind of thing that scientists would look for if you were worried about Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE)“.

The process for ADE occurs when pre-existing antibodies help to facilitate virus infection into cells that they otherwise could not infect. This has happened in the past with new vaccinations, for example in the Phillippines where the rollout of Dengvaxia in 2017 caused the deaths of children who were vaccinated but then contracted the Dengue virus.

Dr Robert Malone states that “the public health community have to look at this rigorously and critically, because there’s a lot going on right now that doesn’t make sense … including the vaccine risk … in my experience during outbreaks you have to constantly challenge yourself and each other because the answer is unknown and it’s hard to figure out what’s really going on during the fog of war, and that’s where we are, in this vague mist of confusion about what’s going on“.

One of the issues currently not making sense is the rise in cases of Covid-19 disease in people who are “fully” vaccinated. Across the globe Covid-19 deaths per million have risen in close pursuit of the vaccine rollout. In Israel today between 70-80% of their hospitalised cases are fully vaccinated. In NSW Australia last night all except one of their 141 hospitalised cases were fully vaccinated [Correction. The initial announcement was “all but one are vaccinated”. In fact all but one of 43 in ICU were reportedly unvaccinated]. This includes almost all only young people outside of the risk group for disease, who in normal times would not have been recommended the vaccine. I wonder what treatments are being offered? These hospitalisations are a political hot potato at a time when Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine have been aggressively denied in favour of vaccine promotion. Interesting times!

There have been reports from other locations such as parts of the USA, that almost all Covid-19 hospitalisations are in the unvaccinated. These have omitted to report that vaccinated patients are no longer being tested in many hospitals whose complicated private funding is connected to pharmaceutical company interests.

Another issue with the Covid-19 vaccines is the fact that antibodies circulating in the bloodstream offer limited protection against a virus which enters via the surface of the respiratory tract. This is reflected in the very low absolute risk reduction for these vaccines. Respiratory tract infections require mucosal T-cell protection instead of bloodstream antibody protection. Frontiers in Immunology, one of the few medical publications today that doesn’t focus on pushing the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda of Profit-At-Any-Cost (PAC), discusses the issues of Coronavirus vaccines and ADE in an article by Darrel Ricke of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Ricke concludes “increased emphasis on the importance of developing safe SARS-CoV-2 T cell vaccines that are not dependent upon antibodies“.

Religious fervour does not belong in public health. To save lives, we need messages of calm and facts over fear and confusion. Open debate instead of the silencing of voices who dare to dissent from the Pharmaceutical industry’s aggressive profiteering agenda, will ultimately be what saves the most lives.

7 thoughts on “ADE and PAC

  1. Hi Helen, thanks. Don’t feel obligated to find answers to my queries. Herd immunity, blood clotting, blood transfusions – I am putting these ideas out because I don’t understand why they have been ignored by journalists – surely they are relevant? What is most annoying is the absence of answers to reasonable questions, by medical people who are experts in these areas.
    We need the facts and the facts are hard to come by.
    You are one of the few bloggers who is a political activist but part of the medical establishment, an insider as it were. You promote the right data and ask the right questions.
    My questions are suggestions only. You are more likely to come across relevant knowledge than outsiders to the medical context.

    I have no medical background. Doctors have encyclopaedic knowledge and are aware of risks. All medical procedures involve risks. Doctors know about herd immunity, risks for blood clotting and risks of mismatched blood in transfusions. For doctors these are not obscure medical issues but well known. Their silence on these surely relevant issues is not only strange but suggests knowledge is being deliberately suppressed.

    Facts on these matters are needed to combat the lies, misinformation and suppression of relevant facts. If this was a court of law it would be like one side deliberately concealing the evidence.

    Sorry for rattling on – I really appreciate your articles, and all the best.


    1. Hi Con

      Thanks 🙂 I don’t feel obliged, and am happy to try and find out. Through Panda I have access to people with expertise in various aspects of all this.

      The thing about doctors is that they know what they are trained to know. When I studied public health 20y ago I met a GP doing the same course and he said that he was loving our Microbiology subject “because they don’t cover this stuff in medical school”. Any doctor pertaining to know “everything” is not honest. They know the areas that they train in, and there is a LOT that they don’t know – which is perfectly fine as long as you don’t try to claim expertise you don’t have, which I feel is a big problem and demonstrated well in this pandemic with people whose public health training focused on, for example, management and health policy, claiming to know about pandemic response. You need virology, microbiology, epidemiology and infectious disease subjects to understand certain details. It requires a team of varied experience and it definitely requires an allowance for questions and critique, which is being aggressively shut down.

      One of the biggest problems through all this is that people with appropriate training, who understand the response is not appropriate for many complicated reasons, are accused of being “conspiracy theorists”. In today’s climate, informed critical thinkers are conspiracists. It’s not going to serve humanity well in the end which really saddens and horrifies me.

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  2. Thanks for that. My guess is doctors are generally not-political and very cautious so they have been taken off-guard by the political machinations about Covid.
    My (little) experience of them is you don’t get a straight answer from them unless you ask a direct question. I understand that medical matters are often complex and uncertain, but there is certain knowledge in different areas – otherwise how could text books be written and doctors learn?
    But they are doctors not politicians and like most of us just want to get on with their jobs and be left alone by meddling politicians.
    With the Internet anyone can research these matters but professional training and experience is needed to interpret them correctly, and another skill to explain them so that laymen can understand.
    Like all of us doctors have been politically exploited and silenced. But they are the only people who can challenge Covid agendas with sound medical arguments based on established knowledge.

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  3. Jcurtis blog WordPress featured this in his most recent blog:

    What Happens When Doctors Can’t Tell the Truth? – by Katie

    I don’t want any doctor to become a martyr to Covid, to become along with their family a magnet for the mob, lose their career and livelihood for sticking their head above the parapet. It is commonplace for people to use the net anonymously – what is needed is the information to be put out there. Medical facts versus political fantasies.

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