Regimes and Religions

Regimes and Religions have overtaken public health.

I have no idea how you uninstall a predatory system like this. Mass starvation in the name of “public health” is rolling out across the poor world and noone seems to even notice.

“Vaccine” has become some sort of religious label which must not be questioned. Dr Peter McCullough was kept busy last year treating Covid patients; this year he finds himself treating the vaccine injured and trying to alert the world. Science has no say in the global “public health response” but the world’s top scientists continue to fight on.

The Times claims that a drop in cases of a seasonal respiratory virus during summer “confuses scientists”. The only scientists “confused” by the phenomenon are those benefiting in some way, by promoting lockdown policies and vaccination, which is <coincidentally> much more efficacious in summer.
Communism Cures Coronavirus according to Communist regimes
Communism Cures Coronavirus according to World Health Organisation
Ronald Reagan in 1961.

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