Ministry of Truth

Jacinda Ardern’s Ministry of Truth is a 12 minute video by Kate Wand, based on an essay by Adam Creighton. Featuring Jacinda Ardern, Joe Biden, scenes of pandemic protest in Australia, evidence from researcher Michael P. Senger, historic footage of the Chinese Communist Party, scenes from Nazi Germany and the Spanish Influenza pandemic, and interviews with Susan Michie from the UK’s Scientific Advisory Group of Experts and Professor Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University.

… we’ve applied this idea that there has to be unanimity of messaging in public health, or else you’re creating public danger. Ironically I think this has created danger because we’ve suppressed the ability of people to debate one another about these things that affect each and every person. Health. Privacy. Children. The most important things to us, and we can’t speak about it … Silencing voices is utterly immoral in the midst of a pandemic“. ~ Professor Jay Bhattacharya

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