What Mao Did

How did he do it? Is it relevant today? Fauci’s Red Guards: Michael Senger Once upon a time public health protection involved people trained in public health protection making recommendations such as staying home when sick because symptoms such as coughing and runny noses are how respiratory viruses transmit; and ways to best protect the … More What Mao Did

Leaders vs Gangsters

In San Juan, Puerto Rico at the end of September, a panel of doctors and scientists convened in an open forum moderated by Rob Nelson. They evaluate the current one-size-fits-all approach to diagnosis and treatment of Covid and share their knowledge and experience about effective early treatment using non-profitable repurposed drugs. Panelists included Dr Matthew … More Leaders vs Gangsters

Voodoo Tsunami

“There is no one place where you could go and find the definition for “variant”, for example. Or “isolate” or “strain”. I looked in several textbooks. In fact, not even my textbook, Principles of Virology, co-authored with four other Virologists. Not even there will you find a definition of these terms.” Professor Vincent RaccanielloProfessor of … More Voodoo Tsunami

Ministry of Truth

Jacinda Ardern’s Ministry of Truth is a 12 minute video by Kate Wand, based on an essay by Adam Creighton. Featuring Jacinda Ardern, Joe Biden, scenes of pandemic protest in Australia, evidence from researcher Michael P. Senger, historic footage of the Chinese Communist Party, scenes from Nazi Germany and the Spanish Influenza pandemic, and interviews … More Ministry of Truth

Before The Fear

George Grosman grew up under a Communist regime in what was then Czechoslovakia before leaving at the age of 18 years old for “the free world”. He lives in Florida now, but his family including adult children are elsewhere. Kate Wand is a Canadian who grew up in “the free world” and is a new … More Before The Fear

Declarations and Class Actions

Bankruptcies. School closures. Mortgage foreclosures. Mass starvation, increased poverty and disease across the poor world. Increased homelessness, suicides, cases of severe child abuse, alcoholism, overdoses and mental health conditions. Cancellation of health care for other conditions including cancers and life threatening disease.For evidence on the harms of lockdown policies and practices: CollateralGlobal ; EndLockdowns ; … More Declarations and Class Actions

An Egg Cracking Open

The latest brief documentary by Kate Wand of PANDA, less than 20 minutes in duration, is something that each and every person who believes that locking down society is a meritous public health response, and every person who is hovering about whether they believe the lockdown narrative or not, should watch. When this egg cracks … More An Egg Cracking Open

Fangkong and Milgram

It seems to be a very difficult thing for many of us living in (previously, at least) free western nations, to fathom that we may have been scammed on a colossal scale. Michael P. Senger is a credible source worth listening to. Here are some references to his work relating to Covid-19, which focuses on … More Fangkong and Milgram