Restructuring Society

All the alarm bells are ringing. ALL the alarm bells are ringing. With anyone who has a knowledge of history and of propaganda, and how governments don’t always act in the best interests of their populations“.

Dr Piers Robinson is an expert on communication, media and world politics, specialising in war and propaganda. Asia Pacific Today interviewed him on 4 August. He discusses comparisons between scientific evidence and messaging intended to divide and conquer society. People are being encouraged to feel anger and aggression toward “the unvaccinated”, who have been labelled “anti-vaxxers” in what has appeared to me, as a move in vaccinology from science, to religious zealotry.

Similar division has been created between “maskers” and “anti-maskers”, “schools closed” proponents and opponents, etcetera ad nauseum. Robinson states that “we should be very alarmed” by the language being used. People asking questions are closed down by ridicule, demonisation and denigration. Eminent scientists have been experiencing this for over a year now, systematically smeared as conspiracy theorists. This is a strong warning sign that everything is not okay, and that instead of rational behaviour leading us through a crisis, we are being propagandised.

Another worthwhile interview on the same topic is Professor Mark Crispin Miller from New York University, who specialises in modern propaganda, history, tactics of advertising and media ownership. He spoke at Perspectives on the Pandemic, an Off-Guardian section, where he shared similar insights about the ways we are being manipulated and propagandised by people whose motives are nothing to do with public health and protection.

Finally, an excellent short video on the way propaganda can overwhelm society, at Mass Psychosis: How an Entire Population Becomes Mentally Ill. This is a brilliant piece from The Academy of Ideas.

Dr Rodger Hodkinson has been relentlessly courageous and outspoken throughout this crisis. He is as honest and informed as you could hope to be. In this two minute video he speaks to an audience in an Albertan street on the dishonesty of our once most trusted public health news sources.

Here is what is going on in Iceland right now.

And here is what is starting to be seen on social media, supporting the idea that propagandisation is in full swing. Both screenshotted and shared before being removed by their (hopefully ashamed) authors.

If existing therapeutics can act as preventive and curative for Covid-19, then why are they being forcefully obstructed by governments? At the same time that “vaccine passports” are being introduced which will require proof of up to date booster vaccines for daily activities such as entering supermarkets, playing sport, eating out, traveling. Is this really about health?

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