Thoughts On Democracy

Lord Sumption, a retired British Supreme Court Judge, spoke with Professor Jay Bhattacharya in June 2021 at Collateral Global for 55 minutes. A very intelligent, thought provoking and sensible discussion on humanity and life.

If what you are doing is virtuous, does it therefore have no limits?

All despotisms believe that it is for the good of the people, that they are being deprived of their freedom of action. … This is the myth of despotisms of both right and left, and it is a profoundly destructive myth, the effects of which we have seen in Europe over the 20th century and it is not a world in which any sane person would want to return to…

The essential problem about lockdown and similar methods of social distancing is that they are designed to prevent us from carrying out our own risk assessments. That is, I think, a serious problem in any circumstances… There is a trade-off between safety and the actual content of our lives. We may be quite willing to decide that we would rather take the risk of living a little less long, in order to have a richer life while we are alive…

As an example, a friend of mine who is 93. She is an intensely intellectually vigorous woman … who lives for society, for having people to her flat for dinner, for going out. And she says … I feel as if I am being buried alive. What is more, she says, I may have 3 or 4 years left and the government have confiscated a quarter of that

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