Science on the Sofa

Collateral Global are a UK-based public health organisation analysing and publishing data on the impacts of the pandemic response globally. They offer a range of excellent resources on multiple topics. Yesterday they published a video, Two Years On: a Q&A session between Professors Jay Bhattacharya and John Ioannidis, both Infectious Disease Epidemiologists at the Stanford … More Science on the Sofa

Magical Madness

Kristen Nagle was a neonatal intensive care nurse who lost her job for speaking out at an anti-lockdown rally. She has since been painted (of course) by mainstream media as a crazy anti-vaxxa. Unfazed, she is also a founding member of Canadian Frontline Nurses who promote medical freedom and ethics, and she is one of … More Magical Madness

Stop Living, Save Lives.

The World Council for Health is a burgeoning research based, public funded organisation offering counter measures in public health which are no longer available through corporate-captured global powerbrokers such as World Health Organisation. How easy it appears to have been to convince people that only by staying at home, and being surveilled beyond the home, … More Stop Living, Save Lives.

Thoughts On Democracy

Lord Sumption, a retired British Supreme Court Judge, spoke with Professor Jay Bhattacharya in June 2021 at Collateral Global for 55 minutes. A very intelligent, thought provoking and sensible discussion on humanity and life. If what you are doing is virtuous, does it therefore have no limits? All despotisms believe that it is for the … More Thoughts On Democracy

Lockdown Sabotage

I’ve decided the people recommending lockdown as a public health measure don’t have our best interests at heart. Lockdown doesn’t come from the discipline of public health. Real world data is now available that shows in no uncertain terms that lockdowns cause serious public health harms whilst simultaneously showing no positive correlation with Covid19 epidemiology. … More Lockdown Sabotage