Do You Support Fangkong?

Dear Helen

How are you and your family?

In <specific location> now have big problem around in city and cannot go outside. Stay in room all time and cannot sell something. Cannot eat. Everything close now. My family still no food. My kids cry all time, need something eat. My money finish and cannot borrow someone. So crazy now.

Now I’m worry for my kids, nothing to eat when wake up. Cannot sleep, only worry how can I do tomorrow.

Around my place no Covid but we don’t understand why they make this big problem and the house cannot open door. Big and small road everywhere, a lot police.

What if your support of the Fangkong philosophy places you on the side of eugenicists who are ensuring this happens to people? I know that people hold the Malthusian philosophy that the poor must die and suffer to save those of us who are superior. But do you think the eugenicists who can now lock you and your family down at whim, are going to think you are superior and protect you? Once you’re the poor one?

Because I do not. And I DO NOT CONSENT.

We are now experiencing unusual signals of disease in our own population, as warned by many experts for many months now. Once this is connected with the “safe and effective” pandemic response, perhaps that is when people will start to deny ever having supported any of this? Will it be too late? The eugenicists appear to be hoping so.

Eugenics In Motion.

2 thoughts on “Do You Support Fangkong?

  1. Well now the powers that be are rolling out and demanding 6-12 yr. olds get vaccinated. Don’t worry Western world, little brown children are once more being used as guinea pigs.

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  2. Children seem to have always been the target. Panda did some data analysis on specific terms used by WHO +/- CDC. For a disease which affects the elderly, what they found was that whenever “vaccines” were mentioned in any press announcement, “children” were referred to in the same announcement, something like 50 x more often than “the elderly”.


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