The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

The reason why I started writing papers and making videos, was because I saw something alarming… People need to stop denying there’s something bad going on. There’s something bad going on.

Dr Jessica Rose, Immunologist, speaks here about safety monitoring and the data she has analysed on the Covid products. The link also leads to a presentation she recently made to the Canadian Covid Care Alliance.

Robert F Kennedy Jr speaks here for 28 minutes about his research findings for his new book, The Real Dr Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health. He explains a lot about why public health no longer makes any sense. Serious criminals have enormous Mafiosi-style power. His description of current affairs and the manipulation of our responses is something that every human being on earth, especially those supporting lockdown/Fangkong as a public health measure, should hear. And at least think about before assassinating his character via ad hominems taken from the “fact” checker sites.

Dr Emad Guirguis, at a rally in Toronto last week, asked “is there an ethical doctor in the house?” and “how did this (coercion and medical dictatorship) happen in medicine?“.

Professor Denis Rancourt speaks here briefly, alongside a practical demonstration, on why masks don’t work against viral control.

3 thoughts on “The Year Immunologists Went Anti-Vaxx

    1. Thanks for that. Interesting and not at all surprising. I worked through Swine Flu and it was an insane experience but it didn’t occur to me that it was due to this level of corruption. Only when I looked into it last year and learned of Dr Wolfgang Wodarg and his role in ending the 2009 insanity, did I learn what I’d been a part of. Which helped me make sense of all this. Only this time Wodarg is no longer alone in the fight.


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