Defending Democracy Against Sociopathy

A Melbourne man jumped to his death from the construction site he was working at yesterday. Premier Daniel Andrews had just announced a two week closure of the industry in preparation for vaccine mandates on all construction workers in the state of Victoria. “Because Public Health”.

His fellow construction workers marched on Melbourne in the many thousands, chanting “Everyday” to announce their plan for ongoing protest. Hundreds of riot police stood guard at Parliament House with horses, ammunition, body shields and more, playing a recorded instruction to the chanting crowds to disperse, that “force will be used”, and that “you will not be warned again”. In another part of the city a few hours later, video footage showed police cars reversing away at speed from angry crowds. Trusted News Initiative sources have made claims such as, the protestors are “far right extremists” and “fake tradies making trouble”.

They don’t protest in some parts of the world. China and North Korea for example. Peaceful protest is a democratic right that should be valued and protected. Where police have marched alongside protestors, violence has not occurred. Victoria’s government and health officials, some of whom have close connections with World Economic Forum and others involved in the planning behind today’s events, stand on the wrong side of history.

As one example, Jane Halton represented Australia at Event 201, a global pandemic simulation exercise held in October 2019. Sister in law of Brett Sutton, the Chief Health Officer of Victoria, she chairs the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) whose focus seems to be entirely pharmaceutical industry and pseudoscience, ignoring and denying established public health evidence. Here you can see her seated beside George Gao of China’s CDC, speaking in the segment from 8m15s on how to coordinate “accurate information” to the world.

The video also shows how airlines, mainstream media, large private corporations, social media, banks, governments and many other sectors were all coopted into the coordinated plan to promote a single consensus narrative about a virus that will kill us all unless the whole world closes down. These exercises have been rehearsed repeatedly for many years, focusing on population control measures rather than public health evidence. It is no doubt coincidental that Event 201, the most recent simulation exercise, took place a few short months before the Covid19 pandemic was announced. Thank goodness they were prepared in order to make us all as “safe” as possible.

In Switzerland yesterday, crowds descended upon a Rothschild family mansion who used water canons to scare the masses away. It didn’t work. I wonder why angry hoardes are protesting against elite families with connections to these pandemic simulation exercises?

The President of Croatia has announced that he will not be mandating vaccines on his people, acknowledging the harms that so much fearmongering, as a way to enforce these products and introduce the beginnings of societal control, has caused.

Project Veritas are a whistleblower media outlet who released a thirteen minute interview with a nurse coming out to alert the public as to what is going on at her hospital in the USA. This includes hidden camera footage showing the stress and fear that hospital staff are now experiencing as they are silenced and forced to follow corrupted and harmful protocols. Dr Bryan Ardis interviewed Dr Ryan Cole at 2m40s into this video, explaining Covid19 disease and treatment protocols in easy to understand terms.

Another excellent independent news source is Rebel News, who shared this video footage of the alleged “far right Nazis” protesting in Melbourne. All were protesting vaccine mandates, but many were also there to defend civilian rights, using the 70yo woman who was knocked to the ground and pepper sprayed by two policemen a few days ago, as their example. “If this is about a virus, why have government jobs remained at 100% capacity while all other jobs are at 25%?

Why do so many continue to remain convinced by the false narrative of pseudoscience-lockdown-and-experimental-pharmaceuticals as our only hope? Professor Mattias Desmet, of the University of Ghent, is a Clinical Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Statistics. He talked with Dan Astin-Gregory on the Pandemic Podcast, explaining the phenomenon of mass formation, which he argues is occurring in society today. German author/journalist Ernst Wolff presented “Uncovering the Corona Narrative” which is translated to English at this 20 September 2021 article by Elizabeth Hart: The master plan behind the covid crisis.

The so-called “elites”, intent on removing freedom from the masses and controlling our every move via digital social credit systems connected to a cashless economy, might be starting to feel a little nervous? I remain hopeful that their mission will fail. Defending freedom involves small acts of resistance such as paying by cash and avoiding all governmental attempts to digitally trace your private activities, including those purporting to be for “public health”.

WHO pandemic guidelines p.3: contact tracing is not recommended.

Stanford’s Infectious Disease Epidemiologist Jay Bhattacharya explains why contact tracing is not helpful, and can make an outbreak worse, when used inappropriately at On the Futility of Contact Tracing. A gentle, humble intellectual who speaks common sense with calm rationality, Bhattacharya is the latest to be targeted by the WEF/Gates “fact checking” Mafia hell-bent on silencing all dissent.

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