Epidemiologists, Ecologists, Economists

Dr Mark Changizi is a cognitive scientist who speaks regularly against lockdown as a violation of human rights. He co-founded FreeX group, where all of his “Science Moments” videos can be found as well as articles and writings relating to the forces underpinning free societies and what threatens them. In this five minute video he speaks about the phenomenon of belonging to a large community of scientists who dare to hold a heterodox view against today’s heavily promoted single consensus.

Over the past few months Nick Hudson, co-founder of Panda, has delivered four separate but interconnected presentations on the politics of Covid. Each one is informative and eloquent with verifiable evidence for his arguments. Video links to the first three, and the written article which is the fourth, can all be found at this 28 September 2021 article. The issues are varied and interesting to anyone who wants to make sense of a situation that doesn’t quite make sense.

As time went by we started adding very diverse scientists to our group. We are great believers in the importance of using multi disciplinary teams. We don’t let four epidemiologists get in the same room together. It’s a disaster! You want an epidemiologist, an ecologist and an economist. In the same room. Challenging each other. These things are complicated and difficult. Understanding them requires perspectives“. (On the approach Panda take in their pandemic analysis work)

In the same way that the media is dominated and controlled by a handful of organisations, this is true also for our public health institutions … A handful of powerful people have infiltrated the vast majority of our public health institutions and our academic institutions’ health departments. They do this with funding that’s very modest for them but quite significant for those institutions.

The principle ones are Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and their related entities, the World Health Organisation and GAVI, the vaccine alliance. But also CDC and Big Pharma companies, who are almost indistinguishable these days.

It’s simply not possible for the scientists in these institutions to hold a dissenting opinion, let alone utter one. At pain of career loss and financial ruin, most of them end up rationalising their way into supporting whatever the narrative is. The few that don’t of course, join Panda. But they do so in a cryptic fashion. They can never be found out. Most of our scientists are not on our website, for this reason.

Has there ever been a time when so many health care professionals and public health experts have faced such a collective threat of censorship and professional carnage? Hudson makes sense of how and why events are playing out as they are. “Asking this why question has caused a lot of people on the lockdown skeptic side of the fence to go a little bit crazy. They start imagining the smoke-filled room, the illuminati, the 5G theories and so on, and I spend quite a lot of time talking to some fundamentally decent people who just can’t figure it out, out of the trees on these issues“.

Another interesting perspective comes from Jeffrey Tucker in his 28 September article for the Brownstone Institute: The Purges Have Begun, in which he describes the evolution of political forces specific to the USA but which are impacting the globe. “Somewhere along the way, we learned to classify people by profession, stigmatize the sick, then finally to demonize the noncompliant“.

For the informed, level-headed intelligence of people like Changizi, Hudson and Tucker through this time, I am ever grateful.

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