Who We Now Trust

“The most common injuries are neurological injuries. They occur in girls at three times the rate than boys“. One example is Australian equestrian Stephanie Gard, seen here working on her recovery. The USA, based on approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) who are now shown to be “nothing but a subsidiary of Big … More Who We Now Trust

Doing Darkness When The Lights Are Off

by Helen Tindall and David Bell Humanitarianism in Southeast Asia in the Age of COVID-19 Humanitarian: “a person involved in or connected with improving people’s lives and reducing suffering”.~ Cambridge English Dictionary. Health: “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.~ Constitution of the World … More Doing Darkness When The Lights Are Off

Voodoo Tsunami

“There is no one place where you could go and find the definition for “variant”, for example. Or “isolate” or “strain”. I looked in several textbooks. In fact, not even my textbook, Principles of Virology, co-authored with four other Virologists. Not even there will you find a definition of these terms.” Professor Vincent RaccanielloProfessor of … More Voodoo Tsunami