Breaking the Trance

Dr Paul Alexander is a former USA Health and Human Services Covid advisor and Covid consultant on Evidence Based Medicine with WHO and Pan American Health Organisation. He has a degree in Evidence Based Medicine from Oxford University and a PhD. His expertise is evidence based medicine, clinical epidemiology and research methodology.

On October 1 he gave testimony at the Corona Ausschuss hearing, alongside Canada’s Dr Byram Bridle (Immunologist/Vaccinologist), Judge Rui Fonseca e Castro from Portugal, and UK undertaker John O’Looney. They each separately discuss their own experiences and perspectives, blowing whistles on corrupted public health practices in relation to this pandemic which in normal times would be monumental scandals.

Dr Alexander has spoken about the fact that since March 2020 it has been known that Covid is amenable to risk stratification, meaning that an individual’s baseline risk, specifically age and co-morbidities, can predict their severity of outcome if infected. The overwhelming majority of people infected with SARS-CoV-2 are fine, but a small percentage of people are at elevated risk.

Effective early outpatient treatment has also been known since early last year, and Dr Alexander aligns with the many frontline doctors who have provided strong evidence that in the USA 85-95% of those who died, did not have to die. He states that protecting the vulnerable whilst allowing the rest of society to live as normal is how public health has always worked, but that with Covid all evidence based practise was thrown out of the window. There is no evidence or justification for the newly imposed practise of societal “lockdown” which has caused enormous destruction.

Dr Alexander quotes Dr Bridle as an example, as probably the world’s top Virologist/Immunologist, suddenly finding himself immersed in politics whilst trying to save lives of Canadians and the rest of the world, especially children. “So it’s a terrible world that we live in right now. Everything is political. And you can’t even work or help anymore, without being a political person. Your help must take on a political lens. And if you’re not “helping” on the right side, you’re going to be destroyed and smeared“.

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