Reasons to Resist

How did draconian population control measures become “public health” over established evidence, and why do so many subscribe to the idea?

From Corona Ausschuss’ testimony from Matthew Ehret based on research for his article Hyperinflation, Fascism and War: How We Might Stop the New World Order Once Again. “There’s more to this than simply the fraudulent science behind a pandemic“. Ehret provides historical detail of how we got to this point in world history and ideas on how we can still get out of it. A highly entertaining discussion on Schwab’s fashion choices is near the beginning of Ehret’s testimony with Dr Fuellmich.

Many continue to insist that any “New World Order”, “Great Reset” or “Build Back Better” WEF connection to pandemic response is merely a conspiracy theory. To the contrary, it’s an active conspiracy being rolled out with no attempt to even hide their intent. For example this video from their website featuring Schwab speaking on his plans for global debt, biomedical surveillance and societal compliance to his “new normal” and “reset” plans. An investigation of Klaus Schwab’s family history: Schwab Family Values.

Most of us would never knowingly support any of this. Denial is passive compliance.

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