Good Actors, Bad Actors

The Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons put out a statement on April 30 2021, effectively forbidding doctors to speak out or question government policies, or risk being investigated by the College and potentially losing their licence:

The College is aware and concerned about the increase of misinformation circulating on social media and other platforms regarding physicians who are publicly contradicting public health orders and recommendations. Physicians hold a unique position of trust with the public and have a professional responsibility to not communicate anti-vaccine, anti-masking, anti-distancing and anti-lockdown statements and/or promoting unsupported, unproven treatments for COVID-19. Physicians must not make comments or provide advice that encourages the public to act contrary to public health orders and recommendations.

In June Canadian journalist Drea Humphrey at Rebel News wrote Mainstream media ignores Canadian doctors speaking out against official COVID narrative.

Canada’s mainstream media showed their true colours this past week by refusing to report on the censorship of doctors and scientists across the country, which was exposed in a June 17 press conference on Parliament Hill hosted by independent MP Derek Sloan.

That conference quickly began the most viewed parliamentary proceedings that CPAC, Canada’s Cable Public Affairs Channel, has ever aired, proving how starved people are for the other side of the story when it comes to the politically filtered narrative on all things COVID. And yet mainstream media across the board refused to put aside their biases and cover the event, even though doing so could have the potential to save many lives.

Government-loyal media outlets refuse to inform the public about experts who have called out public health officials for failing to provide the public with information about life-saving treatments for COVID-19, and alarming concerns and injuries related to the emergency use only COVID-19 vaccines, especially in children. The attacks that experts who do speak out about such things receive appear not to have been the only recent assault on free speech.

Despite flying across Canada to cover the parliamentary conference for you, in this video you’ll see an attempt by a staff member in the Confederation Building on Parliament Hill to prevent myself, some of the whistleblower doctors who would speak later that day, and a social media crew from freely attending a pre-meeting in MP Sloan’s office to discuss informing the public about this important topic.

Watch this full report to judge the strange interaction for yourself.

You’ll also hear from the brave experts that spoke out on Parliament Hill that day: Dr. Byram Bridle, an associate professor of viral immunology, Dr. Don Welsh, an expert in cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology, and Dr. Patrick Phillips, a frontline family and emergency physician.

Here are two ways you can help make sure the other side of the story regarding COVID-19 can be heard. Sign our petition at, to put an end to the punishing of our nurses and doctors for sharing information that doesn’t align with official public health dictates.

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Canadian Doctors Speak Out is a series of panel discussions between doctors standing up to Canada’s authorities who many argue are acting in criminal violation of the Nuremberg Code. In July 2021 a panel of five physicians was hosted by Didi Vergados, discussing their concerns about the “circus” playing out as a so-called pandemic response. They talk about the nefarious, powerful, criminal forces they are standing up against at great personal risk and loss, although as Dr Trozzi describes, also to personal benefit such as “connecting with some of the most credible doctors and scientists I have ever met in my life”. Canadian Doctors Speak Out: 5th Edition.

  1. Professor Stephen Pellech, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia
  2. Dr Paul Alexander, Epidemiologist and Doctor of Evidence Based Medicine and Research Methods
  3. Dr Keren Epstein-Gilboa, Doctor of Psychology specialising in child development and parenting
  4. Dr Mark Trozzi, Emergency Physician
  5. Dr Stephen Malthouse, Integrative Medicine Physician

On the other hand there’s this, which is especially interesting given the reference to child predators made by Dr Malthouse in the panel discussion.

Boris Nikolic (on the right), who tried to set up a biotech investment fund with Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates & JP Morgan, is now working with Moderna co-founder Robert Langer to build a “medical record embedding vaccination information into the skin”. Details available here.

Also relevant is Dr Francis Christian’s statement “I think that there is a very strange and very sinister thing going on all over the world. Scientists are being shut down and experts are being deplatformed. Why is this? … This is exactly the Soviet playbook. The Soviets conditioned everybody by fear … And once everyone is conditioned with fear: children, parents, adults, it is much easier to feed them with lies …“. He speaks at this roundtable discussion from Canadian Doctors Speak Out. Also hosted by Didi Vergalos, with Doctors Mark Trozzi and Stephen Malthouse who this time are joined by Dr Christian, Dr Charles Hoffe and Dr Patrick Phillips. Hearing good men speak is always the way to remove power from bad men. At no time has this been more important for the world, and for our children, than now.

One thought on “Good Actors, Bad Actors

  1. I’ve not been professionally coerced, but I’ve been banned from three blogs for daring to question the pharma narrative.

    Censorship and oppression are very real and people need to figure out if they value freedom and want to fight for it and figure out how to do so effectively.

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