Oneday They Will Ask

Lawyer Clare Wills spoke about the levels of corruption occurring in UK Nursing Homes last year. GPs stayed at home and spoke to unqualified care staff by telephone to determine, without investigation, the causes of death of many residents. People were justifiably afraid. Covid attributed deaths were connected to extra payments to struggling homes. Families aware of their relatives’ actual diagnoses spoke out to no avail. You can hear Wills’ description of events in this podcast with Alexander McCarron.

Funeral Director John O’Looney spoke to Reiner Fuellmich and his investigative team in early October about his experiences in the UK through the pandemic. Including his compliance, in early days, with government-requested hysteria, and how he began to question events.

Government employees are standing up against government mandated experimental vaccines, across nations. Riccardo Bosi spoke to two policemen speaking out in Australia at this roundtable discussion. Los Angeles Police Department sergeants Veronica Saucedo and Michael McMahon spoke to Dr Fuellmich and his team last week about their own mandate fight.

Why do governments and mainstream media across the globe want to keep populations convinced that a virus with an infection fatality rate approximate to that of influenza (which has simultaneously disappeared), is far deadlier than it really is? That there are no early treatments? That “vaccinating” the entire global population is the only pandemic solution? That “contact tracing” for a viral respiratory disease is a public health intervention? That mass testing, from the healthy to those obviously sick with, or dying from, unrelated conditions, is a public health intervention? That staying home en masse and enforced closures of small businesses en masse, is a public health intervention? That those questioning authority are “dangerous”, and deserve to lose their livelihoods? How is all of this now considered “normal” in once-free and democratic societies?

Global digital surveillance via QR codes appears to be the intent. Xi Jinping has already implemented the system in China, where social credit controls peoples’ movements and allowances. He is said to be keen for the rest of the world to follow, as per this article. World Economic Forum don’t hide their plans for the same thing. Digital surveillance and social credit connected to compliance with government edicts will ensure enforcement of mass population control and impoverishment.

Please say no.

New normal: fear and pseudoscience

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